RankMap Country Score
1 Australia 1
2 Croatia 2
3 Netherlands 5
4 Belgium 8
5 Great Britain 17
6 Sweden 40
7 New Zealand 45
8 Greece 47

GPS Units
Posted Wed 12th Nov
The Canmore GP102 is now accepted for GPSTC data recording.
The unit is limited in that it does not allow the detailed data checking that the GT31 allows.
Therefore it is recommended that if you are looking to get to the upper levels of the rankings you should be using a GT31.

To enhance the ability to check top level data it is requested that any post in the top 15 of the individual rankings is also submitted to www.gps-speedsurfing.com 
Each team is responsible for checking data to keep the challenge as accurate as possible. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of a track please contact your team captain or use the contact link on the homepage.
KA72.com is the easiest way for most posts to the challenge to be made and further analysis can be carried out using additional software. Please consider supporting the windsurfers who have put time in to developing software.
GPS Action Replay  (www.gpsactionreplay.com)
GPS Results (www.gps-speed.com)
Real Speed (www.intellimass.com) Windows only
Latest Sessions
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Mallacoota, VIC, AU
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Fri 21st NovemberAU - WAPinnaroosWindxtasy
Grumpy, Congratulations on taking the bi
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Fri 21st November [PB]x1AU - QLDMoreton Bay MobBoombuster
Wellington Point, QLD, AU Having a good
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Fri 21st NovemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersLarry
Great looking sessions, well done all M
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Fri 21st November [PB]x2AU - QLDBoard Crazy BoystillDark
Wow Steve awesome alpha and Nm mate. Top
5 / 104 hours ago
Fri 21st November [PB]x5AU - QLDGold Coast Speed TeamtillDark
Congrads on all the great results guys&n
4 / 84 hours ago
Thu 20th November [PB]x1AU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersJustinL
incredible video! budgewoi is a amazing
14 / 95 hours ago
Thu 20th November [PB]x1AU - QLDMoreton Bay MobAndy
Congrats on 30,000km's Glynn!
6 / 155 hours ago
Fri 21st November [PB]x1AU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsUlf
No, that was on a Stype 93 and V8 6.5 no
6 / 155 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberGB - Engl-ETeam EastMike G
First time out on the X-Fire V7 - 114L.&
1 / 07 hours ago
Tue 18th NovemberAU - QLDFNQ MobFiriebob
I'm still out of town, have to use back
1 / 814 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberHR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!Borko
Preluka, Volosko, HR 130, 8.4
1 / 015 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersStewart McKay
Bit of a quick squirt after work. Nearly
5 / 115 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - WASwan River MobRecycle
Melville very patchy and  shifty st
1 / 016 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - WAPerth SouthsidersWindrider
FL5.5, Go151/XFire102. Melville. Test ri
1 / 016 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - VICThe Southerly BustersTiges
Inverloch, VIC, AU  Another aftern
2 / 016 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - WAMandurah Mobfangman
Larko, recently we have had some really
2 / 317 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.Jeffrosail
Lake Cootharaba, QLD. An afternoon at th
3 / 017 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - QLDFNQ MobHerby
Lake Tinaroo, QLD, AU....Just the ghost
2 / 018 hours ago
Fri 21st NovemberAU - VICThe Pit Crewsupernan
Good one boys Hoping to get out tom
2 / 119 hours ago
Wed 19th NovemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersJustinL
2 / 119 hours ago
Thu 20th NovemberAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Great video! I found me. I'm the tiny bl
5 / 622 hours ago
Thu 20th November [PB]x1AU - NSWDouble Demeritspowersloshin
and the weeend does not look good :-( I
2 / 31 day ago
Thu 20th NovemberAU - WASwan River MobSlowboat
Melville Beach, WA, AU Long lunch break
2 / 01 day ago
Thu 20th November [PB]x2AU - WAPinnaroosHardpole
You can't make an omelette without break
3 / 91 day ago