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Posted Wed 13th May

Motion Logger is now Approved


To stop any chance of pressure to post, we're increasing the yearly discards by 6 months, (thanks Hardy), with any luck this should get us through the social distancing requirements, but we can review later if needed.

So at the moment I've made all discards 7 months.

For the same reasons, we are also abandoning the seasonal Cups until further notice


 Please remember the social isolation recommendations while sailing, in car parks and on the beach!

1.5m minimum personal distance, and no personal contact. Do not share equipment unless sanitised first.

Be seen to be doing the right thing by not spending any more time than is absolutely nessasary on the beach and in the car parks.

Please think carefully about where and how you travel for your windsurfing and follow the govenment guidlines and rules at all times. Excessive travel may bring you into contact with a a lot more people than is necessary and is not a good idea.

Stay safe and keep others safe.

Latest Sessions
Sun 31st MayAU - WAMandurah MobLombok
Morning sail with Pete at Liptons. JP142
1 / 01 hour ago
Fri 29th May [PB]x1AU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsShifu
Queens Beach, QLD, AU
9 / 22 hours ago
Sun 31st MayNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed CantabriansDinks
Lyttelton Harbour, NZ125 JP 6.6 gaastra
1 / 02 hours ago
Sat 30th May [PB]x1AU - SABogan Speed Teamsboardcrazy
Love those tracks Jamie!   Co
10 / 73 hours ago
Sat 30th May [PB]x1AU - VICThe BridesmaidsCutter
Great to meet you Alan, and well done on
2 / 24 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersSteve Charles
Rosetta, TAS, AU.  Just the worst
7 / 55 hours ago
Sat 30th MayUS - WThe West Coast SpeedstersBarton
Lac Bay, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
2 / 07 hours ago
Sat 30th MayNL - SBeNeFun speedteamWillem Wolvers🤙🏽
Started with the 8,5 and 85 wide. Totall
2 / 09 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - WAPinnaroosAntman
Carlisle St, Safety Bay, WA, AU. Quick s
2 / 09 hours ago
Sat 30th MayGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Saturday 30th May - Windsurf **** - The
1 / 012 hours ago
Sat 30th MayHR - NorthCro WKC BladesJosipJ
Ližnjan Xfire 108 GA 7.1 fin 34
1 / 013 hours ago
Sun 10th MayHR - NorthCro WKC BladesWarrior
Nakon 3 puknuta zgloba još je isp
2 / 016 hours ago
Sat 30th May [PB]x1IT - NEItalian Bora RidersClaus
Nice. congrats for PB Hulio and 7K Roby
2 / 217 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - WAMandurah MobDecrepit
Sounds like you hit my weed island, not
2 / 218 hours ago
Sat 30th MayHR - WestCro North Adriatic TeamNapeta Strijela
F2 wizzard 115l, trixx 6,4, fin prvi sat
1 / 019 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - WACoastal Speed teamSTROPPO
Novara Beach, WA, AU   Fun arv
1 / 020 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - NSWDouble Demeritspowersloshin
Kyeemagh, NSW, AU || 10-15 NE Stingray
2 / 121 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - QLDSEQ Speed teamCocky2
Manly, QLD, AU 140F / 8.6Turbo / 1250FF
2 / 022 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)JD
Woy Woy, NSW, AU 30-May-2020 Saratoga S
1 / 022 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDFNQ MobBenny McCarthy
Great session Pete!!! 
1 / 122 hours ago
Fri 29th May [PB]x1AU - WAPinnaroosDecrepit
Nice Dan, glad you experienced the pond.
7 / 1622 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - QLDFNQ MobBenny McCarthy
Holloways Beach, QLD, AU  Into Wint
3 / 122 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - NSWIllawarra SpeedstersMT
Vincentia, NSW, AU Much better wind in
1 / 022 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - NSWMid-North Coast MaraudersJorn
Sans Souci, NSW, AU Nice  little NE
1 / 023 hours ago
Sat 30th May [PB]x5AU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsRudi
Lake Weyba, QLD, AUJag 125...38...7.8
3 / 023 hours ago
Sat 30th MayAU - QLDMoreton Bay MobTony
Bayview Marina, QLD, AU
3 / 124 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDMoreton Bay MobTrev
Wellington. Point 7.3 loft. Counted 23 w
7 / 11 day ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDSEQ Speed teamFin Boy
F99 34T/110 isonic 38DW R6 7.0  Ni
4 / 01 day ago
Fri 29th MayGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Friday 29th May - Windsurf ***** - River
1 / 01 day ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDGold Coast Speed TeamTonyK
good to see a few team members on the wa
3 / 11 day ago