One More Knot (WA, Australia) - 2020-02-06
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
The Deputy
30.672 [PB](D)
29.359 [PB](D)
Old Salt
22.227 [PB](D)
23.271 [PB](D)
Laurent MRU
The Deputy (1754km):
188 days ago
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Day 2.


First on the water today. Used Chris's board as i figured he would be able to use it whilst he was in hospital. Fusion 6.1 sail and loads of fun but no great speed.


What a great place to sail in Albany with great company and very nice to bump into the same old faces. 


Albany, WA, AU

Old Salt (6693km):
188 days ago
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WOW! what a day at Lilacs again. I went for the one hr and alpha due to limited time on the water before having to make the long haul home at lunch time. Paid off with 2 more pb's which brings my total of the last 2 days to 5!! How good is this place

I had such a great time and realised there is so much potential for great numbers at this spot. And with what Stroppo delivered today, the sky is the limit!

Picked Chris up from the hospital on the way out of town, so he has made it back to Busselton now.

Great work Drew on finally cracking the 30knot barrier, and even funnier that you did it on Chris's crash board from yesterday.Laughing

Isonic 56.5, SV OD M2 5.5, Delta XT50 18

Albany, WA, AU

BSN101 (5908km):
187 days ago
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AB+59 Tribal Delta 18 NP RSX Convert 7.0

First of all this has been an amazing 2 days in Albany sailing. My second visit to Lilacs and the bar has been raised very high. 

Today we knew it was windy cos it didnt bloody stop all night. Drew first on the water, chris in hospital still, Steve talking to everyone that walked near him (talk to me sticker on his back) and me out there chasing some more ws action. I chose to stick with the 7.0 as it was still rigged and too eas! Great sail for the whole sesh. Shame that canmore is playing up yet again. 

The wind was building and the tide was too. Some of the braver sailers were heading right into the glassy stuff and challenging my reality. Such a great experience to slide on the glass, sort of surreal like FlyNoDie foiling. Slam into a corner, check the detail of the weed below and come out at 20knts 1How good is that? Frikkin Good!!

Steve entered the water and almost got railroaded by me but i was only teasing. He shouted that Chris was coming home with us so i knew that my TOW was unfortunately limited to 11am. Off i went. I had a few large offs that really made the water dirty & me dirtier but laughing. I eventually went to the lower clew position and the 7.0 and the wind didnt seem to be a handful anymore, BUT felt a touch faster. Second clew invertor was onto it! Going back ad forth working high to get to the glass and loose all athat groung in a few seconds was such a blast. Also great watching the fast boys go hih then hit a gust and accelerate at F1 velocities slam a gybe with huge wall of water and go high again then milk the bullets on the other tack for a rocket ride (yes you Stroppo).

Anyhow the dream birthday present trip to go sailing is over and the invalid transportation (UBER Ambo) (toyota) was called. Pack up, pickup, feed up, fuel up and drive north (lol)

Awesome OMK midweekend (if such a thing)

Thanks to all that we met talked to helped ud with Chris & his Pb Femur. Those that showed us the way to the glass and made the effort to sail in a world claass location. Thankyou Huey & Albany

Albany, WA, AU


Distance adjusted. 2sec 34.66, Hr would have been a good one again, but this is Canmore GPSing! lol i might star using 2 until the Motion arrives.


188 days ago

Awesonme work guys great sailing with you, congrrats on all the PB's


Someone left a nice Stanley Screw driver when derigging (now sitting in my trailer)

Old Salt

188 days ago

Thats ok Elmo, think that one was mine. Its all shiny new. Consider it a NM pb present (smoking Nauti)......  Cool


Thanks again for all the help and advice!


188 days ago

another lovely haul of PBs there, but the nautical miles are bit ordinary... Wink

Super hour and alpha Old Salt.


187 days ago


Congrats on the PB'S fellas, impressive hour Old Salt Cool


See you next time!




187 days ago
Great sesh fellars and thanks again for the top cake and Welldone on all the pbs😎