September Rankings
1NorthCro Gust Busters11
2QLDSunshine Coast Vikings15
3QLDMoreton Bay Mob16
4Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians18
RankMap Country Score
1 Croatia 1
2 Australia 2
3 New Zealand 4

Winter cup winners!
Posted Thu 31st Jul

Congrats to FNQ Mob back to back to back Winter Cup winners 3 years running!!!

Also in case you haven't heard, the GPSTC's founder and all round champion, Joe Presti aka Hardie had an horrific leg break and we wish him all the best with his recovery.  You can read all about his ordeal and post some get well wishes on the SB thread

Latest Sessions
Thu 28th August [PB]x1HR - NorthCro Soulwindsurf TeamVladan Desnica
Čestitke za PB, bravo obojica!
2 / 411 minutes ago
Tue 02nd September [PB]x1AU - QLDMoreton Bay Mobphil
Well done Kev on the NM and on the backu
2 / 428 minutes ago
Mon 01st September [PB]x1HR - NorthCro Gust BustersWarrior
Josina odlican AVG cestitam za PB fini
3 / 233 minutes ago
Sun 31st AugustAU - SASA Speed DemonsSam Doecke
Broke the uni mate . Sounds like It migh
5 / 641 minutes ago
Tue 02nd SeptemberAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersJock C
Really cold sail on the Bic Techno 293.
1 / 02 hours ago
Tue 02nd SeptemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed CantabriansDan
Look how close i got on the maima
2 / 12 hours ago
Tue 02nd September [PB]x1AU - QLDBoard Crazy BoysSteve1001
Thanks guys.  Happy with the hour,
1 / 92 hours ago
Mon 01st September [PB]x1AU - QLDFNQ MobFreddy Burke
Congratulations on the PB Mr. ED. &
1 / 53 hours ago
Sun 31st AugustBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubDennis De Pauw
<p style=
3 / 04 hours ago
Mon 01st SeptemberAU - NSWCockroachesTim Ford
Spreckelsville, HI, US after thinking i
1 / 05 hours ago
Tue 02nd SeptemberAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.starboardsailor
Dundowran Beach, QLD, AU FF104 Ezzy 7 S
1 / 06 hours ago
Sat 23rd August [PB]x6US - NEFogland Speed SurfersBoro
Nice one Alex!!!! What gear were you on?
1 / 17 hours ago
Tue 02nd SeptemberAU - VICThe Southerly BustersDazzaJ
Inverloch, VIC, AU   Sneaky-mid-w
1 / 010 hours ago
Sun 31st AugustAU - VICThe Southerly BustersJman
So how did launching from Dawson ave wor
1 / 115 hours ago
Mon 01st SeptemberNL - STeam OolderplasGŁnter Jansen
1 / 016 hours ago
Sat 30th AugustUS - WThe West Coast SpeedstersSTROPPO
Hey Boro have you tried using markers a
2 / 323 hours ago
Mon 01st SeptemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsKari
Well done again Peter great sailing, goo
2 / 21 day ago
Mon 01st SeptemberAU - QLDGold Coast Speed TeamNotTheTrain
Marine Parade, Southport, QLD, AU, Refle
1 / 01 day ago
Fri 29th August [PB]x2GRE - GMAeolusgrmavrice
very gusty... very choppy... not the bes
3 / 01 day ago
Sun 17th August [PB]x4BE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubRakker
11 / 01 day ago
Sun 10th AugustBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubRakker
Was ik nog vergeten posten, die dag lang
5 / 01 day ago
Mon 11th August [PB]x3BE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubRakker
6 / 01 day ago
Sun 31st AugustAU - VICBonno Blastersub
    Hi Jerry, movie is gre
3 / 21 day ago
Sat 30th AugustAU - WASouth West ChapterBender
Melville Beach, WA, AU HWR, R3 10.7m, V
1 / 01 day ago
Sun 31st AugustBE - FlanOesterdam Locals TeamPatE
Ultrakorte sessie in de na-wind van een
2 / 02 days ago