RankMap Country Score
1 Australia 1
2 Belgium 2
3 Croatia 6
4 Netherlands 8
5 Great Britain 12
6 New Zealand 17
7 Sweden 33
8 United States of America 42
9 Greece 45

Merry Xmas
Posted Mon 22nd Dec

With the year nearing a close it looks like the Coastal Speed Team have secured the GPSTC Annual Cup for 2014 only after their second year in the comp (and only their first full 12months posting). Well done guys on an incredible team effort and commitment.

The runner's up trophy is still very much in the balance with only a few points between the Moreton Bay Mob and Tassie Speed Seekers - could be some interesting jockeying for second place.  Also 4th & 5th is a close race with only 7 points between SA Speed Demons and the Mid North Central Coast Mauraders.

Congrats to all sailors who achieved PB's this year (and there's been a few) and thanks all for making this the greatest team challenge on (and off) the water.

The GPSTC wishes all members and their families a very Merry Christmas and Windy New Year.  Travel safe.

Latest Sessions
Sun 21st December [PB]x1AU - WAPerth SouthsidersDiablo
I'll go with 6 because calling the ambul
6 / 105 minutes ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x3AU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersPaul Davies
Gosford, NSW, AU. Caroline Bay. Not afte
12 / 545 minutes ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x3AU - WAPerth SouthsidersJay
Well done guys- respect!!
5 / 2153 minutes ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x6AU - WAPinnaroosObelix
Amazing numbers guys.  JJ - 42 knot
10 / 3458 minutes ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - NSWIllawarra Speedstersbj
Beautiful afternoon sailing at idyllic h
5 / 01 hour ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x15AU - WACoastal Speed teamSausage
It's raining PBs guys and gals - CST del
8 / 332 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - WAPinnaroosWindxtasy
Good ocean speed Lezzz Nice alpha GS!
5 / 43 hours ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x1AU - WAThe WannabeesMineral
Diablo, great to hear that you are OK. N
2 / 143 hours ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x1NL - SGrevelingen Chop TeamSTROPPO
Super work Hans welldone on the alpha pb
1 / 13 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - WASwan River MobSnides
@director general sir! 5.8 is a handy si
2 / 53 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.Rurik
Looking forward to seeing it on the wate
3 / 24 hours ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x2BE - FlanOesterdam Locals Teamrikkie
beter toch de 80 liter genomen. maar zag
3 / 15 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - SASA Speed DemonsTricky
Nice speed SWS, piped carl Hoppy,nice o
5 / 25 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - QLDFNQ MobHerby
Looks like most of my postings......../
2 / 25 hours ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x1GB - Engl-SPortland PiratesGoostaff
Nice to get out sailing again and good f
4 / 06 hours ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x1BE - FlanOesterdam Locals TeamPatE
Na een paar dagen \"labo\" condities Her
1 / 07 hours ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x2BE - FlanO-Spotvince bel-62
eerste keer met het nieuw boardje en nie
4 / 08 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberGRE - GMAeolusParaskevas
2 / 08 hours ago
Sat 20th December [PB]x6NL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4FunFrank-363
Lekker  dagje om nieuwe boar
7 / 09 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberHR - SouthCro Chop Breakersbozzo
Sibenik, County of Sibenik-Knin, HR
2 / 09 hours ago
Sun 21st December [PB]x1NL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4FunPaco Dor
Na 7 weken toch heel fff gevaren, nieuw
3 / 010 hours ago
Sun 14th December [PB]x5GB - Engl-SPortland PiratesDogfish
Caught the last couple of hours this aft
8 / 010 hours ago
Sun 21st DecemberAU - WAThe Wannabeesray gun
And you Anita, Mery christmas to you and
1 / 211 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberHR - NorthCro Gust BustersDome
Preluk   1147.837
2 / 011 hours ago
Sat 13th DecemberHR - NorthCro Gust BustersDome
RibariŠi, jezero Sabljaci 1147.837
3 / 212 hours ago