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Latest Sessions
DateStateTeam2 Second Peak5 x 10 Second Average1 HourAlpha Racing 500mNautical MileDistance Travelled
26th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob37.1535.3916.7924.8328.8896.94
26th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders37.0434.1215.4623.7626.3077.86
26th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos37.5534.9319.0222.5829.09130.84
26th MarchAU - WASwan River Mob
26th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers22.1420.538.1014.6019.2417.28
26th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob
26th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
26th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits
26th MarchAU - WAOne More Knot
26th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
26th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team38.8937.3720.1126.3031.77134.97
26th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
26th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
26th MarchAU - WAThe Wannabees
26th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
26th MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks
26th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
25th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob31.1229.1514.9919.6627.2959.16
25th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
25th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew23.7622.3916.1916.8320.1549.89
25th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie
25th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings29.0926.9114.7618.2323.5368.62
25th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob13.0211.381.404.546.719.37
25th MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders26.7124.6212.7217.7720.9136.10
25th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders27.8625.4312.2816.7721.6649.22
25th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club31.2129.8717.9519.4525.81123.76
25th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam34.3932.5518.9423.4228.3099.30
25th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders31.1528.6811.2219.7225.1656.97
25th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
25th MarchNL - STeam Oolderplas
25th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot31.8330.2212.5721.5722.7759.38
25th MarchIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
25th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun
25th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
25th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates28.2325.9911.2718.5420.4149.38
25th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team29.3527.7418.3618.3423.8276.89
24th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits
24th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
24th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters31.9729.0114.3421.5322.6239.19
24th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew
24th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos28.0725.6316.1619.0621.1041.81
24th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
24th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
24th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
24th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
24th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam31.8629.4711.6815.0522.9452.94
24th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
24th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
24th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
23rd MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie23.4521.9710.7014.6119.6331.51
23rd MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs36.6734.8817.2023.3031.3485.70
23rd MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters35.0833.6217.9820.7426.2449.17
23rd MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
23rd MarchAU - WAPinnaroos23.6721.5910.2215.1915.7221.15
23rd MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
23rd MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew
23rd MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob28.1026.8516.0220.5223.1451.19
23rd MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
23rd MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam29.9628.3610.4910.5712.7361.26
23rd MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
22nd MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob34.5731.6917.8722.2327.77234.74
22nd MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs36.0534.8120.4323.3231.67101.93
22nd MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders25.5223.8310.420.0021.7823.07
22nd MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team32.9631.0522.2222.1028.37191.54
22nd MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders28.9427.4514.6219.2121.9651.27
22nd MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters31.8930.5017.1821.4723.9949.97
22nd MarchAU - WAPinnaroos33.7631.675.2110.6627.0221.72
22nd MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team37.1933.0117.7423.3828.8752.86
22nd MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
22nd MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew
22nd MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
22nd MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
21st MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
21st MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs33.0631.0715.5023.1128.6561.36
21st MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew29.6526.6914.0119.2021.3029.78
21st MarchAU - WAPinnaroos36.3834.3421.9822.8531.88101.25
21st MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob37.5434.2814.2521.0934.0554.57
21st MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
21st MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks
21st MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team37.3034.9323.7624.4034.72116.14
21st MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam
21st MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun31.3629.639.3615.2120.2729.73
21st MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
21st MarchIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
21st MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
21st MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
20th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs36.9633.2920.5224.2928.5375.71
20th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
20th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
20th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew29.7127.8517.8120.9522.6176.35
20th MarchAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS21.5719.022.4011.9811.7113.72
20th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits31.5229.8814.8321.8824.5742.80
20th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team
20th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
20th MarchNL - STeam Oolderplas34.2431.6111.8419.9721.8560.42
20th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam38.0335.9912.4323.1625.0591.25
20th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun
20th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
20th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club31.6129.9712.9719.1920.7550.80
20th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
20th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie
20th MarchAU - NSWStormriders
20th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
20th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
20th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
19th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways30.7627.8715.3320.3521.5055.34
19th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew19.9618.927.7911.2114.0054.86
19th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters26.1223.9210.4617.1118.7338.84
19th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits33.6929.7116.4021.5624.5647.48
19th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)22.3220.407.0015.2517.0413.25
19th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
19th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie
19th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos27.5424.9115.3317.9421.8138.25
19th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam40.9338.8512.3123.0123.9256.76
19th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs36.8332.0519.6322.5126.8177.09
19th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club41.4638.5821.5323.4725.6979.83
19th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
19th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders37.5535.3013.2920.7322.9059.90
19th MarchNL - NWWad1team
19th MarchNL - NTjeukemeer Speedsurfing Team
19th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun35.4933.5213.4919.4021.1362.11
19th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates32.4030.4416.0622.5223.5873.70
19th MarchNL - NSpeed Team Makkum
19th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
19th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot43.0439.7021.1027.8030.17126.81
19th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team44.8542.377.8716.4223.9350.60
19th MarchNL - STeam Oolderplas36.1734.458.5216.5119.1646.01
19th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team
18th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders30.7028.159.2516.5519.1128.01
18th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways28.0726.2114.3516.7222.4454.28
18th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits33.1830.2613.9721.0726.7344.31
18th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters29.6428.133.0717.6020.9022.45
18th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)31.3828.5213.5121.0121.4073.82
18th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie32.3530.1919.0020.6724.8964.14
18th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers40.6836.7324.7327.0029.05108.14
18th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings28.7326.7717.4417.1024.0762.72
18th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew31.1228.9222.1721.0928.1960.63
18th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob17.7415.959.9111.5012.4626.58
18th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob28.8626.8818.3219.8823.3654.21
18th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam36.8034.9515.2625.9825.6370.84
18th MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders
18th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders28.9627.208.5719.4221.9244.69
18th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team27.3026.1216.0418.3820.6172.37
18th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
18th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club34.6333.0117.5323.3926.7879.89
18th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
18th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
18th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot
18th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew30.3125.357.6111.9412.4520.12
18th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
18th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters22.9520.536.980.0017.9930.42
18th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
18th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs
17th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie40.2237.5117.2825.2727.22128.01
17th MarchAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS
17th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders16.3624.050.0011.0920.4412.20
17th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)36.8034.2212.5418.6321.7239.36
17th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters33.1830.487.5319.6616.3921.95
17th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters34.6832.1018.8821.5227.1570.67
17th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways
17th MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
17th MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks
17th MarchNL - STeam Oolderplas29.6127.394.7718.6319.3820.15
17th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club29.0227.975.4720.850.0020.15
17th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun31.4029.6713.6619.6419.7442.63
17th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam33.1231.9618.1019.3823.2567.47
17th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team
17th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
17th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot33.2930.6321.0820.5824.54101.97
17th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
17th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
17th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
17th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
17th MarchNL - NWWad1team
17th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
17th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
16th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers28.2725.3212.1617.6818.6441.21
16th MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team
16th MarchAU - SASA Speed Demons
16th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)16.1013.255.169.8311.859.72
16th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
16th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
16th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team
16th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
16th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
16th MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
16th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
16th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
15th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
15th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs
15th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)30.5829.0016.7521.2723.6137.65
15th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
15th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie27.6625.769.2318.1921.2532.77
15th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits31.3028.6614.8319.7223.6038.25
15th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
15th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
15th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
15th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos29.4427.4615.0618.8821.2537.22
15th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders30.8528.5217.3420.6923.5551.49
15th MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks39.6437.683.480.000.0018.30
15th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
15th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
15th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
14th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob33.2031.1418.0121.7726.7047.95
14th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie23.7521.616.6516.1516.0413.35
14th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers32.5730.9111.2523.3618.6346.21
14th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew33.6131.1618.9222.4527.7452.08
14th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
14th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos35.9433.5919.5021.2827.27118.57
14th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings25.5323.5010.2711.0316.7923.14
14th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob34.2432.8414.3020.8930.2035.13
14th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew21.1418.913.774.3911.1819.58
14th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
14th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders27.0525.164.9417.0720.7920.11
14th MarchAU - WASwan River Mob
14th MarchHR - WestCro Preluka Wildness
14th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam30.9629.166.3319.6822.5738.87
14th MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks
14th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun
14th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
13th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
13th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
13th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie
13th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
13th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos27.7925.5815.0916.4523.5930.34
13th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers14.6012.337.907.3212.1420.49
13th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew
13th MarchGRE - GMAeolus
13th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
13th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders27.9625.043.579.7214.5114.02
13th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters25.1023.1810.0816.1218.0925.66
13th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
13th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot
12th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers29.0025.1515.8718.8521.9559.49
12th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos26.6623.682.737.3514.877.74
12th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters30.6828.087.4617.5820.1714.20
12th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters34.7230.6418.1020.3823.88105.10
12th MarchAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.
12th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)31.2729.6917.2320.6122.5654.19
12th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie34.0931.5319.0721.6426.5681.10
12th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew32.8129.9410.7321.4723.3025.41
12th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob30.7529.0020.3219.9524.4086.15
12th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits32.4130.3516.3722.3224.0261.12
12th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways31.5829.9615.8320.5622.4156.40
12th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
12th MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team33.4730.9515.1321.1524.2648.64
12th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew24.6423.5112.3414.0319.1434.26
12th MarchAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS26.1823.9111.0414.4415.0765.89
12th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob35.7033.1021.2324.1732.9577.58
12th MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders26.5824.3916.5716.5820.6936.68
12th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob
12th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters30.6628.2012.4121.5723.2630.70
12th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders26.1123.819.5415.2517.5432.43
12th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team27.9726.7311.3919.1421.8733.65
12th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs29.2027.8217.4320.8024.5094.60
12th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
12th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
12th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
12th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
12th MarchAU - NSWStormriders
12th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
12th MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
12th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot
11th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
11th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team
11th MarchAU - WASwan River Mob
11th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew18.6616.428.048.7012.2427.88
11th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob25.4423.9617.9617.6722.0049.11
11th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
11th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie
11th MarchAU - WAOne More Knot27.6526.1311.7311.1319.5038.16
11th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos
11th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
11th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
11th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
11th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
11th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
11th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways
10th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob32.7831.5215.5921.3327.0444.87
10th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team31.7029.6613.3720.9426.1647.64
10th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos29.2326.6214.0917.9825.0143.30
10th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders26.8322.656.3510.3213.1419.27
10th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
10th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters27.8626.2016.3015.9723.7339.58
10th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie30.9529.4018.8521.9824.4666.97
10th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers31.9229.6017.6224.0626.0640.43
10th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew30.1828.4714.7121.4726.4436.87
10th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
10th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)26.7024.2313.0414.5919.6647.53
10th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits
10th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.0733.3618.3223.6425.1166.38
10th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team38.9736.3113.5922.7923.3041.69
10th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
10th MarchIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
10th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
10th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
9th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
9th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team27.5925.6517.1820.1023.6338.55
9th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)28.3226.4011.7915.5817.6631.13
9th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie30.3528.6112.8518.5624.2534.44
9th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob31.9930.2116.8521.1821.8840.24
9th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders29.1527.2514.8920.3222.3628.95
9th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew33.0529.8918.0820.8025.5350.11
9th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
9th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos
9th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
9th MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders
9th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
9th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
9th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam26.0422.762.5816.897.587.81
9th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team
9th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun32.3630.0513.7319.9526.0657.62
9th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team
9th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
9th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
9th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
9th MarchUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
9th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
8th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie31.3229.2214.0719.6425.4333.89
8th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs28.9427.5410.6419.7324.2024.74
8th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)26.5724.8310.9417.3218.1627.65
8th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
8th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers35.4833.2715.6824.9123.6850.99
8th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
8th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew32.6729.758.9718.6719.3318.57
8th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders
8th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos29.4327.8216.9619.4425.3660.58
8th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
8th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team42.8638.1110.5315.7520.2421.11
8th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
8th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
8th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam30.1729.2514.1312.3811.6439.65
8th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun28.4225.846.648.6213.1215.87
8th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
7th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie36.7435.1516.8822.9726.3776.35
7th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)29.9525.166.1015.4816.5414.09
7th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
7th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
7th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters30.2828.2417.6818.9724.2137.15
7th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew36.6633.8420.4424.0627.4862.48
7th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.2833.029.9421.0119.5740.46
7th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
7th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
7th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew
7th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters35.1433.7310.9317.9122.3127.69
7th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders27.8816.000.0013.0418.3010.74
7th MarchAU - WACoastal Speed team
7th MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders
7th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos
6th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters36.9633.7316.2522.2724.8965.75
6th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)38.1436.2818.9022.8326.00120.08
6th MarchAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS
6th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie40.3338.7121.6123.9226.64162.96
6th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters30.3528.898.4016.3920.3341.66
6th MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
6th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew27.3825.338.0319.487.3522.98
6th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders37.5735.4917.2321.3525.49114.38
6th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits37.0535.5719.9123.3625.03119.79
6th MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
6th MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew29.2527.216.4821.1024.6142.22
6th MarchAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.
6th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob31.6429.4815.4621.6621.6053.68
6th MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team29.8428.4123.1821.7525.3869.24
6th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders23.7222.1310.4012.4617.7635.80
6th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos18.3416.953.1212.2910.4114.77
6th MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team
6th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways
6th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob
6th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America23.8122.0314.1816.9418.3473.25
6th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
6th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
5th MarchAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters35.5232.0313.6521.5326.1135.22
5th MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
5th MarchAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS
5th MarchAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.
5th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie32.6829.9012.8422.0922.2934.89
5th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways31.1127.848.2418.1621.5628.53
5th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs32.7728.8017.5420.1729.2458.34
5th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)30.5128.3313.1220.0820.3148.89
5th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
5th MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team30.5728.5021.5521.9524.9980.20
5th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew28.3826.2010.5516.0019.2628.06
5th MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders31.5129.2811.5120.3319.0741.63
5th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers25.7523.5711.5718.8417.4435.31
5th MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
5th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob
5th MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders27.0524.9712.9018.4721.0829.48
5th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits32.8829.528.8519.0923.4133.71
5th MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob26.6525.4817.1817.3422.9681.04
5th MarchNL - SGrevelingen Chop Team
5th MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
5th MarchNL - MIDTeam Horst-Speed4Fun30.6628.9014.0917.5720.4854.20
5th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club38.5035.5918.3224.3626.6387.85
5th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team33.0730.9616.3321.2222.5669.55
5th MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders30.4729.118.3420.3022.1232.21
5th MarchBE - FlanO-Spot
5th MarchNL - NTjeukemeer Speedsurfing Team
5th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates43.1838.665.368.6511.1215.22
5th MarchNL - NSpeed Team Makkum
5th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
5th MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam37.3835.7414.8522.2723.6948.84
5th MarchGB - Engl-ETeam East
4th MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob17.1115.2910.2411.3812.2724.61
4th MarchAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)33.1531.8619.2521.2625.76112.94
4th MarchAU - NSWLake Macquarie30.9628.7810.5518.7122.4339.14
4th MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew17.4516.178.018.2510.8539.67
4th MarchAU - NSWDouble Demerits31.4329.9017.0521.1225.0256.00
4th MarchAU - NSWThe Breakaways29.0824.619.4413.5314.9928.97
4th MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team32.0030.6721.6122.1626.2092.77
4th MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs32.9330.7216.7922.1228.4955.90
4th MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers32.1230.1817.5022.0122.5661.46
4th MarchAU - WAPinnaroos
4th MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters
4th MarchAU - WAOne More Knot27.2225.195.5017.6119.8134.36
4th MarchHR - SouthCroatian Speed Team42.2838.8810.4424.8121.4147.33
4th MarchHR - SouthCro Windfakers35.5533.8714.9422.5527.7064.13
4th MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
4th MarchHR - NorthCro WKC Blades
4th MarchHR - NorthCro KJD Zagreb GPS Team
4th MarchHR - NorthCro Gust Busters27.1024.9210.9416.7817.9152.67
4th MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians26.3224.643.5917.3020.6414.61
4th MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America35.5130.853.418.4011.937.84
4th MarchAU - WAThe Wannabees
4th MarchGB - Engl-SPortland Pirates
3rd MarchAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
3rd MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
3rd MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew30.5427.8617.3920.7024.1146.70
3rd MarchAU - VICThe Southerly Busters28.7127.0712.5315.1220.3324.00
3rd MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew26.4525.2817.6818.4424.4446.44
3rd MarchAU - WAPinnaroos27.1325.2614.5818.7423.2052.38
3rd MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob25.3722.994.5613.3012.0315.14
3rd MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
3rd MarchAU - WAPerth Southsiders27.9926.1312.1016.6221.5129.85
3rd MarchSE - EastEast Coast Speed Hawks
3rd MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
3rd MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
3rd MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob
3rd MarchAU - WAOne More Knot
2nd MarchAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.
2nd MarchAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
2nd MarchAU - SABogan Speed Team
2nd MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
2nd MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob19.2716.5111.8810.8414.92159.29
2nd MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club36.6233.8013.6224.0322.9349.93
2nd MarchNL - STeam Oolderplas37.8435.345.7511.8812.2529.11
2nd MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
2nd MarchGRE - GMAeolus
2nd MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam36.9334.7316.5924.0724.0191.98
2nd MarchBE - FlanOesterdam Locals Team30.8627.8310.2119.8911.6441.70
2nd MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America31.9630.5211.2019.4323.0542.24
2nd MarchAU - VICConnewarre Cremasters
1st MarchFR - NCCrazy Frogs35.2632.9519.8523.8429.2480.87
1st MarchAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.
1st MarchAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Team29.6928.219.6619.3818.8035.44
1st MarchAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob30.4028.3814.5917.4320.1233.84
1st MarchAU - VICThe Pit Crew
1st MarchAU - QLDFNQ Mob32.4829.5917.8119.5927.1162.34
1st MarchAU - QLDBoard Crazy Crew28.4426.266.2918.8622.7226.77
1st MarchAU - WASwan River Mob
1st MarchAU - WAMandurah Mob30.5029.0712.6520.1328.5032.64
1st MarchAU - QLDRedcliffe Freeriders
1st MarchGRE - GMAeolus
1st MarchHR - SouthCro Windfakers
1st MarchUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
1st MarchNL - SDutch Fun Speeders
1st MarchAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
1st MarchAU - NSWACT Gustbusters
1st MarchNL - SBeNeFun speedteam
1st MarchNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
1st MarchBE - FlanO-Spot