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DateStateTeam2 Second Peak5 x 10 Second Average1 HourAlpha Racing 500mNautical MileDistance Travelled
28th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
28th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
28th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers23.7422.3413.9316.6518.3445.63
28th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
28th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
28th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders29.0727.0314.9018.4923.0135.87
28th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team31.0329.3419.8221.4726.3693.69
28th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
27th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob34.4732.6513.9322.2124.9159.96
27th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob37.2235.8420.7921.5029.39100.26
27th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos25.6923.6811.7518.0917.0033.69
27th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew36.4935.1821.5723.6431.8992.70
27th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
27th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
27th FebruaryAU - WAThe Wannabees
27th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
27th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians20.2619.2012.7712.3016.5565.36
27th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders33.6032.5015.9216.8925.9066.23
27th FebruaryHR - WestCro North Adriatic Team
27th FebruaryIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
27th FebruaryFR - NCCrazy Frogs32.6429.1211.6717.8226.2140.45
27th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot
27th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team29.2928.1214.4814.9322.6150.02
27th FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America30.4028.3916.8618.5726.0653.70
27th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids34.2231.7921.5023.7327.1194.02
27th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
26th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob35.9933.2118.6623.3926.2361.99
26th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob36.1035.0223.8923.7831.6197.08
26th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie21.8920.038.6514.1315.3326.06
26th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
26th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos
26th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew36.5435.4825.0123.8731.5499.93
26th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
26th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
26th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
26th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
26th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
26th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians20.1019.3312.4113.5516.2635.39
26th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
26th FebruaryFR - NCCrazy Frogs31.5727.580.0018.7424.5421.22
26th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot27.8925.8413.4316.1521.4850.98
26th FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America30.7328.9016.0920.2927.6940.40
26th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)14.2713.448.6810.7710.3221.10
26th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
26th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids36.1134.2918.1023.0829.9890.39
26th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
25th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob32.9731.0622.1721.9929.84207.75
25th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob36.1234.3619.6722.0728.54121.24
25th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos34.6333.0823.2223.3129.08108.35
25th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew31.9229.0614.3119.0623.2570.66
25th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
25th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
25th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters24.8021.604.299.6515.1320.97
25th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
25th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders28.9226.3814.2020.2621.3931.42
25th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
25th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
25th FebruaryIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
25th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
25th FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways34.6530.9913.5220.6423.3150.06
25th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot
25th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team
25th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids36.1732.928.7720.1624.5416.25
25th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
24th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob31.8029.7319.6722.3326.9376.59
24th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob26.4725.3612.0917.2118.1525.34
24th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
24th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos31.3230.4416.8521.9827.31103.64
24th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
24th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters25.2421.126.4712.5914.4717.77
24th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
24th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians30.7727.788.4618.2319.1427.04
24th FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
24th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express19.6017.977.9411.6411.5025.81
24th FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America30.6229.1717.6018.1926.7359.15
24th FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam31.1029.7619.5820.3925.30128.33
24th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
23rd FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob28.2626.8220.0221.2923.4946.62
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob26.6225.0613.3318.2919.4226.53
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie27.7725.3512.9716.4521.5135.56
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
23rd FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos33.2531.7318.2824.0425.6261.16
23rd FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team29.0427.7512.5516.5221.0833.12
23rd FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters28.5326.177.6516.2220.2122.87
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters20.7718.406.578.7211.6719.65
23rd FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
23rd FebruaryNL - STeam Oolderplas
23rd FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters30.5928.6915.9419.7826.5955.94
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express20.2112.940.0012.0210.916.67
23rd FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team
23rd FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
23rd FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)22.6721.0813.7117.5318.3635.24
23rd FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam29.6527.5810.9615.5824.1828.91
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
23rd FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids30.0027.6112.2818.2122.9039.97
23rd FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
22nd FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob38.5335.6723.1425.0734.8497.67
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.6232.6322.8622.2529.0479.23
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie30.2827.9818.4718.7123.8690.58
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team36.6934.6122.1422.8431.61284.36
22nd FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos38.5136.9817.1326.1335.4591.65
22nd FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew32.0529.6915.9616.9122.19153.21
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team32.5529.2613.0417.7724.6638.07
22nd FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers31.7929.448.9916.4122.4823.31
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits33.0331.1520.7822.3026.65100.04
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
22nd FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians25.0123.7613.2717.8919.1343.11
22nd FebruaryHR - NorthMunje i Somovi24.3321.621.5612.892.7813.48
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters28.1626.6216.8119.8924.4643.72
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways37.9136.0919.9621.5927.44141.64
22nd FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team33.8831.1015.4117.9623.9433.26
22nd FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)20.4519.2911.1614.4615.7836.78
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
22nd FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.8334.2020.8422.0428.26119.37
22nd FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean25.8724.7814.9216.7621.8146.39
21st FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob12.609.722.542.563.444.71
21st FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie23.8322.7014.5718.4620.3665.41
21st FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
21st FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos26.4724.349.1017.4017.7726.53
21st FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
21st FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers29.6926.6718.8521.0926.7251.24
21st FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians25.2423.4013.8517.1918.8171.56
21st FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
21st FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot27.0625.3218.2612.2122.6737.42
21st FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team27.7026.0418.1219.6620.5670.07
21st FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)20.9519.9313.6912.9417.7642.36
21st FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
20th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob34.3932.0816.4021.7426.2966.32
20th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob33.7932.0718.4820.2426.5275.45
20th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie
20th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team32.7030.9318.7020.2626.25144.34
20th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos31.9829.9916.7621.6424.0846.15
20th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob29.4327.6114.1218.7123.4949.13
20th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
20th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
20th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
20th FebruaryAU - WAThe Wannabees
20th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits26.8425.8915.7318.2321.7472.03
20th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters26.2424.5311.2613.9118.4064.64
20th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians31.1629.6919.5120.5125.4760.92
20th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
20th FebruaryNL - STeam Oolderplas32.9231.3215.3018.3624.7883.74
20th FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club27.8525.749.8114.3112.4632.86
20th FebruaryBE - FlanO-Spot
20th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
20th FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways34.0132.4621.7223.0327.27101.72
20th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot26.0024.0614.1614.9921.4640.62
20th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team33.2031.1921.9422.8125.95125.21
20th FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam29.2928.1819.9119.5524.4387.98
20th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids30.5829.4719.6921.3124.99199.64
19th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob28.4026.2310.1918.2522.8619.58
19th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.1132.6719.8620.7128.0883.71
19th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie28.4225.8012.9416.5823.7752.28
19th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team36.1833.0822.9222.9130.88115.53
19th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos31.9630.0917.5720.0224.6565.56
19th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
19th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
19th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
19th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
19th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
19th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
19th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians22.4121.2311.4114.9817.6151.43
19th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
19th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.2333.5815.8819.9227.8644.13
18th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob37.7034.8412.9421.3926.1133.02
18th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob29.4727.7711.5019.7024.8223.68
18th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie26.8325.0511.5017.2819.3525.87
18th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
18th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos35.1032.6517.9123.2325.55112.05
18th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew30.7628.5110.1218.8722.7121.58
18th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers38.9036.6816.6419.9328.9454.77
18th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
18th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
18th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters24.5321.983.7513.8017.1715.40
18th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians23.7722.4616.0316.4920.3650.40
18th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
18th FebruaryAU - WACoastal Speed team35.7933.5015.5821.8725.4966.17
18th FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam32.2929.3120.5920.9425.13129.97
18th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
18th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids26.7223.004.7114.0919.9714.43
18th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean25.8123.4711.1312.6920.5420.86
17th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings27.6925.638.8216.4422.8221.95
17th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
17th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie22.6619.9310.2611.6017.4527.70
17th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team26.8621.447.7714.5416.6017.41
17th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos
17th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
17th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers30.3927.9818.9718.9821.0642.31
17th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
17th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians23.5622.0311.4616.2221.0231.62
17th FebruaryGB - Engl-ETeam East
17th FebruaryNL - STeam Oolderplas
17th FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club32.6631.0917.1020.2525.6464.69
17th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express31.8528.4110.2318.4016.7334.30
17th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot17.9416.3610.5213.5114.0923.82
17th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers28.7925.599.7016.5718.8232.73
17th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit26.2123.529.027.1117.6434.13
17th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
17th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean33.2526.928.9415.4425.3133.15
16th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings25.1624.068.7615.8418.9621.84
16th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob29.8327.7916.3219.6822.8638.81
16th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
16th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie23.7721.2211.1411.5018.6226.74
16th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos20.6418.9210.0613.8813.7031.58
16th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
16th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers36.6434.7110.9722.9917.4641.96
16th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
16th FebruaryFR - NCCrazy Frogs25.8022.867.438.9720.3424.81
16th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers25.2923.0514.3616.7619.1145.16
16th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit25.4123.144.4615.6217.8611.64
16th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
16th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean27.5424.579.9013.3716.7344.92
15th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings28.5326.9317.8218.5823.3448.84
15th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob
15th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob38.6536.0622.3823.2331.4398.03
15th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie35.6333.6823.9623.4028.55177.37
15th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
15th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos22.1320.0111.3313.5215.3723.92
15th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew37.7535.2819.1123.2330.3475.76
15th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
15th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
15th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
15th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters30.4028.0315.0417.0221.4982.75
15th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
15th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders32.0129.758.4115.1115.0718.29
15th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters37.1034.4716.5620.2623.1157.59
15th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express31.7829.4315.7721.4120.9758.22
15th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)33.9928.555.5010.3912.1816.00
15th FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam29.1627.3517.8318.3424.6641.57
15th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers24.5322.7813.3116.6019.9239.23
15th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit35.7033.8417.2822.7729.4642.76
15th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.7334.6022.1524.6430.36117.82
15th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean29.9928.1217.5119.3623.9278.26
14th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings27.7025.187.9117.8617.8120.86
14th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob34.7532.6320.8423.5926.8961.81
14th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob36.6234.5521.8322.4329.47105.28
14th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie35.3933.5919.2923.9731.21113.42
14th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team33.5131.3614.0916.1818.5087.55
14th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew37.0435.4925.5824.6830.92144.76
14th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team37.6235.0824.3723.6629.33208.54
14th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits34.1832.5019.6521.8627.35100.70
14th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
14th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
14th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters23.6721.8711.0815.7618.3933.25
14th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
14th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team27.3623.4411.6817.1718.0836.27
14th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)33.0230.7917.2922.5026.2173.45
14th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
14th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids36.8634.8619.5623.3630.11110.95
14th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
13th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings29.5327.9717.5020.3925.7269.79
13th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob26.8922.892.8113.0211.9113.62
13th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob29.7428.2817.6219.6723.8270.46
13th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie26.8725.0611.9016.5420.3030.53
13th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team30.3329.0818.7920.6026.6561.97
13th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos26.8024.7413.4117.6719.3833.74
13th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
13th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders
13th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
13th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians27.8426.259.2017.6919.6156.51
13th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
13th FebruaryIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
13th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters27.8425.1310.3218.4721.1632.67
13th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
13th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot18.6817.3611.2113.5714.8029.13
13th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team29.8926.5617.8419.6123.4871.28
13th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)22.2120.1611.2415.7816.6238.80
13th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
13th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit25.0823.0712.0416.5720.2950.16
13th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids26.7424.2913.0116.3420.5933.04
13th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean30.1128.5420.9717.2727.1283.08
12th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob33.4629.827.1115.9919.8517.48
12th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie31.3426.3213.2017.1522.9241.35
12th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos27.0524.0011.6816.9618.2723.77
12th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew30.8128.6615.1619.5025.9844.43
12th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team35.5431.8616.0622.5627.7236.55
12th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
12th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
12th FebruaryAU - WAPerth Southsiders29.2427.9214.4522.1424.0428.82
12th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians24.5423.5612.5618.0720.0633.43
12th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
12th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot
12th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
12th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids32.9629.1916.1420.2827.6744.10
11th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob35.6033.3718.9023.2426.2061.14
11th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie32.8830.3916.3620.1927.6642.93
11th FebruaryAU - WASwan River Mob
11th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
11th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos35.8634.2918.5922.4530.0183.54
11th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team36.6633.8422.5622.3830.7663.09
11th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers34.7131.0810.1123.1817.4121.91
11th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits33.3831.3217.1621.2125.2444.56
11th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters30.7028.1812.3318.2320.2743.28
11th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters24.3922.1313.9616.7217.5136.58
11th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
11th FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways
11th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot
11th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team34.6731.7610.9218.6019.6331.70
11th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)27.4626.0813.6317.1318.8131.86
11th FebruaryAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS
11th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
11th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
11th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
10th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings25.0323.099.5115.0918.2624.58
10th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob35.7832.885.0917.1712.5514.03
10th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie
10th FebruaryAU - WASwan River Mob
10th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos36.2733.5320.3021.4226.99113.23
10th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
10th FebruaryAU - QLDFNQ Mob
10th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team35.5933.0620.0022.3226.4073.52
10th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians29.9026.649.9216.5122.6139.00
10th FebruaryHR - WestCro North Adriatic Team
10th FebruaryIT - NEItalian Bora Riders
10th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express24.0922.9414.2017.0519.2753.37
10th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot23.6421.577.466.6617.4019.35
10th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers18.4316.820.0010.8012.938.29
10th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit
10th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.8234.2414.9622.6526.2127.71
10th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean26.7024.3310.2015.1719.2737.85
9th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings30.8328.4918.4720.7625.4288.45
9th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob
9th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.0233.2321.6423.3527.5463.15
9th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie33.9932.9419.6022.5731.4889.40
9th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team34.5633.3721.3821.9530.2285.73
9th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew36.3634.4020.9421.8927.8466.29
9th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team36.7134.2823.1623.0731.07126.16
9th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
9th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians32.8431.1813.6821.1622.9957.58
9th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
9th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express39.2936.7219.1824.6529.8581.30
9th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
9th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers27.0925.1112.7417.4119.9841.71
9th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit36.3534.7217.3724.7129.0873.85
9th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids39.1437.4322.3622.3026.22109.29
9th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean31.3129.0214.5018.0925.8774.95
8th FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings30.4828.7518.0919.9023.5773.80
8th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob
8th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob36.7634.3020.4222.7327.8262.80
8th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie34.7433.6417.8623.3032.0189.58
8th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team34.4732.6525.5624.0731.9188.81
8th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos32.8630.9515.6219.0224.8561.37
8th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew36.4135.3922.2024.6131.38130.31
8th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team38.6736.4725.0123.5730.94168.78
8th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers36.2233.5725.7823.4832.45157.60
8th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
8th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians29.7027.3413.6520.7621.3431.67
8th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
8th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express34.3031.9513.3020.2822.6145.24
8th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team30.9329.5518.9621.2825.3568.23
8th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)21.8520.3414.2915.9519.0040.70
8th FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
8th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit36.1131.4920.6721.3427.1059.20
8th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids36.8935.1122.7222.8829.31180.46
8th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean29.3127.979.6017.7023.8247.11
7th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob40.7137.9017.4520.9135.3261.27
7th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob35.6734.4619.5920.0526.8868.60
7th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie33.4231.1820.3122.7825.7698.05
7th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team36.4835.1420.7223.5832.79113.36
7th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos35.6833.1515.3623.8924.5249.71
7th FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew31.1329.0516.1018.3124.8757.35
7th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team37.0035.0823.0523.8729.76158.39
7th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
7th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers35.1332.4219.8823.2028.82117.61
7th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits27.6626.2410.1517.8821.4336.28
7th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
7th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians33.5932.109.818.3626.3452.57
7th FebruaryHR - WestCro North Adriatic Team25.5823.507.4816.9313.5429.44
7th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
7th FebruaryHR - NorthCro KJD Zagreb GPS Team
7th FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways
7th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team
7th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)21.9320.2611.4215.5917.4138.96
7th FebruaryHR - SouthWindfunckers Pag
7th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.7334.2021.3523.5926.7296.03
6th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob35.6833.9323.8223.7927.3781.22
6th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
6th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie31.6328.9216.3121.7423.3738.22
6th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
6th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos
6th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team37.3934.1622.6921.9627.63111.31
6th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers33.1030.5717.8020.5126.7386.17
6th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
6th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians31.9230.5910.9810.4525.9241.43
6th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders24.2422.556.3915.6612.7323.73
6th FebruaryHR - NorthMunje i Somovi
6th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
6th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team35.6533.4516.3920.9925.8748.81
6th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)
6th FebruaryNL - SBeNeFun speedteam34.2831.3818.5121.1325.3988.66
6th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids33.7730.5915.8921.3726.0340.41
6th FebruaryNL - MIDPoint-7 BlackTeam Holland38.1836.2214.0523.6126.2759.89
5th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob33.3831.179.4622.8025.1335.50
5th FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
5th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie36.9733.4018.0721.6027.9691.39
5th FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team22.0820.4011.0314.6418.9522.71
5th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos29.4027.376.2416.4119.7119.55
5th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team38.2934.6222.4823.6631.35145.64
5th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
5th FebruaryAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers33.4931.3613.2522.1124.7143.04
5th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits36.1134.2313.8521.2025.3640.82
5th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters35.0832.0610.4117.0618.8627.46
5th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians25.5323.4411.8217.4319.7630.98
5th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders26.7824.8211.4716.0816.6832.57
5th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters35.0131.3512.9121.0422.3435.69
5th FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
5th FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team37.4635.6420.9521.4131.76126.42
5th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)36.2032.7017.9223.4225.94101.71
5th FebruaryAU - NSWFar South Coast GPS
5th FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit16.7615.737.9412.1612.4133.75
5th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids33.5829.8417.0019.1824.5669.22
5th FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
4th FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob33.1831.2113.0824.1322.1247.06
4th FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie30.4028.2414.4020.0625.2952.43
4th FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos30.5728.9411.9919.9019.8334.37
4th FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
4th FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
4th FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits28.6825.3711.0315.8919.1322.88
4th FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters15.6814.704.296.956.6121.36
4th FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
4th FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders
4th FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters31.2529.8317.6520.5623.2752.68
4th FebruaryAU - NSWThe Breakaways
4th FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot
4th FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
4th FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)30.6728.9915.5019.8623.2755.39
4th FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings28.9227.2814.5616.6423.7643.26
3rd FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob36.7334.9116.2022.2328.6552.97
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob34.9232.2721.0122.2825.5760.90
3rd FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie35.0532.0916.7421.7729.1076.38
3rd FebruaryAU - WASwan River Mob
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team33.2831.7620.6721.8229.6968.79
3rd FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos33.0131.5617.4721.6923.7647.59
3rd FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew
3rd FebruaryAU - SASA Speed Demons
3rd FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
3rd FebruaryNL - STeam Oolderplas30.5926.415.1715.7814.1712.41
3rd FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express31.2528.4114.4521.2721.8463.12
3rd FebruaryAU - WAOne More Knot27.9824.939.327.0321.5925.75
3rd FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team35.4733.8724.7924.5930.72118.23
3rd FebruaryUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of America
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit32.9930.7118.5921.9525.1167.49
3rd FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids36.6034.1920.2122.1530.4082.41
3rd FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean28.9723.029.5012.5425.2786.83
2nd FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob33.5231.0715.5421.8225.0749.40
2nd FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
2nd FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie31.8029.7115.7520.7724.6950.27
2nd FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team
2nd FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos
2nd FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew34.6132.9120.0722.6127.2278.16
2nd FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
2nd FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians36.9935.3412.0418.0631.2644.28
2nd FebruaryGB - Engl-ETeam East
2nd FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club29.5526.629.6816.4319.4828.54
2nd FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters28.1824.838.7013.3116.2730.40
2nd FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team35.8834.5023.7024.8330.16289.95
2nd FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)26.1519.672.3112.1511.726.44
2nd FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids34.1731.5817.3721.2126.0658.72
1st FebruaryAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings27.2526.0015.9617.7422.0554.48
1st FebruaryAU - WAMandurah Mob33.8831.9818.6222.2625.55100.35
1st FebruaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob33.4630.9119.4821.5425.0869.61
1st FebruaryAU - NSWLake Macquarie32.7429.7616.4020.8724.6266.82
1st FebruaryAU - QLDSEQ Team32.0830.6721.0721.9626.35105.17
1st FebruaryAU - WAPinnaroos
1st FebruaryAU - VICThe Pit Crew34.8133.1019.1620.4627.1964.80
1st FebruaryAU - SASA Speed Demons
1st FebruaryAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
1st FebruaryUS - WThe West Coast Speedsters
1st FebruaryAU - NSWDouble Demerits
1st FebruaryAU - NSWGustbusters
1st FebruaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
1st FebruaryAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders21.3520.075.6815.0413.2318.84
1st FebruaryBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders Club
1st FebruaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters24.0621.289.8312.7717.7429.97
1st FebruaryAU - QLDGold Coast Express
1st FebruaryFR - NCCrazy Frogs36.3033.188.8319.8326.9740.81
1st FebruaryAU - SABogan Speed Team35.3733.4723.6824.6628.68143.94
1st FebruaryAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)19.9018.7110.5514.7615.2822.61
1st FebruaryAU - QLDSandstone Seabreezers
1st FebruaryAU - QLDPursuit31.7329.8114.9420.6924.6457.45
1st FebruaryAU - VICThe Bridesmaids35.1832.8419.0821.2427.3772.13
1st FebruaryAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean30.6328.6118.0118.9225.4798.86