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Posted Wed 13th May

Motion Logger is now Approved


To stop any chance of pressure to post, we're increasing the yearly discards by 6 months, (thanks Hardy), with any luck this should get us through the social distancing requirements, but we can review later if needed.

So at the moment I've made all discards 7 months.

For the same reasons, we are also abandoning the seasonal Cups until further notice


 Please remember the social isolation recommendations while sailing, in car parks and on the beach!

1.5m minimum personal distance, and no personal contact. Do not share equipment unless sanitised first.

Be seen to be doing the right thing by not spending any more time than is absolutely nessasary on the beach and in the car parks.

Please think carefully about where and how you travel for your windsurfing and follow the govenment guidlines and rules at all times. Excessive travel may bring you into contact with a a lot more people than is necessary and is not a good idea.

Stay safe and keep others safe.

Latest Sessions
Thu 02nd JulyAU - NSWMid-North Coast MaraudersJorn
Sans Souci, NSW, AU Dieing NW wind on wa
1 / 026 minutes ago
Thu 02nd JulyAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersGeoff Broomby
https://www.ka72.com/Track/t/434351 Lag
1 / 042 minutes ago
Thu 02nd JulyAU - NSWLake Macquarie**LYDS**
Well done team , was a nice morning
6 / 11 hour ago
Thu 02nd JulyAU - VICThe BridesmaidsAshley
Swan Bay, VIC, AU CA 108/66, Tribal del
1 / 02 hours ago
Wed 01st July [PB]x6AU - SABogan Speed Team3/4 Bogan
Good start Bushman nice sailing Nee
2 / 53 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyAU - VICThe BridesmaidsRoh
No good Ash 👎🏻. Better l
1 / 111 hours ago
Sat 27th JuneGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Saturday 27th June – windsurf ** -
1 / 013 hours ago
Sun 28th JuneGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Sunday 28th June â&eur
1 / 013 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubDennis De Pauw
Sailing in the sun, with friends, on the
1 / 013 hours ago
Tue 30th JuneGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Tuesday 30th June – windsurf * - T
1 / 013 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Wednesday 1st July – windsurf
1 / 014 hours ago
Wed 24th June [PB]x1US - USAUnited Speedsailors of AmericaKipps
trying to get the 7.0 sorted with a fin&
2 / 014 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyNL - SBeNeFun speedteamJeroen Jacobs
1 / 015 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyHR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!Boxx
Preluka, Volosko, HR 8,8 85 46
1 / 016 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyIT - NEItalian Bora RidersClaus
Quite gusty today but nice to be on the
1 / 017 hours ago
Mon 29th JuneNL - SGrevelingen Chop TeamWindxtasy
Sensational 2 sec and 5X 10! and not eve
2 / 320 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyAU - WAMandurah Mobfangy
Did your ribs hold up ok Vic?
1 / 121 hours ago
Sat 27th JuneHR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!CRO 611
Preluka, Volosko, HR
4 / 021 hours ago
Sun 28th JuneHR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!CRO 611
Preluka, Volosko, HR
5 / 021 hours ago
Tue 02nd JuneAU - NSWMid-North Coast MaraudersMark Hampton
Well Done Garry!    
1 / 223 hours ago
Tue 30th JuneAU - QLDFNQ Mob Eddy
Nice one guys 👍👍. Will t
2 / 123 hours ago
Wed 01st JulyNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed CantabriansWindsurfing Nelson
Unexpected. Tahunanui, Nelson, NZ
1 / 01 day ago
Fri 26th JuneUS - WThe West Coast SpeedstersRoo
3 / 01 day ago
Tue 30th JuneAU - WAMandurah Mobfangy
Tricky, speaking of new toys you should
4 / 21 day ago
Tue 30th JuneAU - WAPinnaroosNauli
Awesome NM Craig....and on the schlapper
2 / 81 day ago
Tue 30th JuneNL - SGrevelingen Chop TeamStefan Brouwers
Hunting for gusts
1 / 01 day ago
Tue 16th June [PB]x1US - USAUnited Speedsailors of AmericaKipps
finally half a decent day at the Stick!&
1 / 01 day ago
Tue 09th June [PB]x1US - USAUnited Speedsailors of AmericaKipps
deja vu (again)! started well powered, b
1 / 01 day ago
Thu 04th June [PB]x3US - USAUnited Speedsailors of AmericaKipps
had to work for it in changing and chall
1 / 01 day ago
Sun 07th JuneUS - USAUnited Speedsailors of AmericaKipps
and there were 15-knot holes too (in the
3 / 01 day ago
Tue 30th JuneNL - SBeNeFun speedteamNoldus
Great afternoon in Ool!  
2 / 02 days ago
Tue 30th June [PB]x2IT - NEItalian Bora RidersClaus
A very good team effort and nice PB's!
2 / 12 days ago
Tue 30th JuneSE - WestWest Coast Speedlasse n
KOF - 3
1 / 02 days ago
Mon 29th JuneIT - NEItalian Bora Ridersroby
Grado Pineta Exocet RS2, Point-7 ACX 7.
1 / 02 days ago