GW52 info

The set up guide, usb driver and firmware from locosys is here


The GW52 has 5hz recording, making it more accurate for 2 seconds and alpha results.
The speed genie scrolling screen displays, last run max with Ns max, history max with Ns max and accumulated distance.
The main down side is for the distance people, at 5hz a big distance will use up all the memory, so it needs to be set on 1hz, losing the 2s and alpha gains in accuracy. And there is some concern that the 1s accuracy is less than the GT31.
The battery only does about 8hrs, so a quick recharge at lunch time is needed. It has (smart logging) where it only records at 5hz above the speed genie setting, sounds like a very sensible idea, but our analysis software hasn't caught up with this concept yet and a change in frequency during an alpha will lead to it's rejection as an anomaly, so my advice is to leave it on 5hz for sessions up to 6hrs long over that set to 1hz.

The scrolling rate of the speed genie display is also adjustable. The optimum setting for this will be a personal thing, for this tired old brain I need it fairly slow, otherwise I can't process the info before it disappears. For younger brains this could be frustratingly slow, waiting for the window you want to come into view.
It's not fully waterproof, it should survive a small leak in the pouch if you notice it quick enough though.
I don't think it's as sensitive to sats as the GT31, so it's a bit more important it gets a clear sky view.

Real speed doesn't process 5hz alphas, I've found I get the best results with GPSResults and KA72 As long as it isn't a "short" alpha, GPSarPro also does an OK job.

It's not configured as a standard usb memory device, you need the GW52 utility to download your data and this only works in a windows environment, Mac users need the windows emulator.

When the GW52 is connected to the computer, it doesn't "show up" on the desktop or in windows explorer, You have to start the GW52 utility

Beneath "connection" you should be able to select "com ports". So far I've found the one displayed there works. You then press the "connect” button and with any luck the bottom window, should show you connecting to the device. Once that is successful, You can change the settings.

Logging = 5hz,
Min Speed, probably 0 is best, but I've set mine to 3kts, to conserve memory.
Unit MN (I think they mean NM for Nautical Mile, it's just back to front).
GMT = whatever your time zone is,
Speed avg, mine's on 10s (because then you can work out what your 5x10 is).
Spd Genie, is the lowest speed that is recorded in the scrolling best of 10 windows, ideally set just a bit higher than your max upwind speed for the session, then it only records your downwind runs. Action spd I have on Speed.
Spd Font I have large.
Speed history = on
There's also a "power off command", this seems to be the only way to turn the device off, otherwise it's in watch mode, which will drain the battery after some weeks, can't remember exact time, but I haven't had a problem so far leaving it in watch mode. Once you have had a sail, you can skip this page and go straight to "Log Data"
At "File Selection" you can hit the "Browse" button and navigate to where you want the file to be stored on your computer. Once you've sorted that hit the "Log Download" button and you should see a progress bar as it comes in.