Frank Instein  
Age Division
Open (18 - 34)  

Evets introduced me to GPSTC and since then I feel have become the benchmark for sanity and common sense in the team. The team is very friendly but I think it should be called the Mandurah Fruit and Nuts. As far as I can tell, there is a couple of pretty fruity chaps and there certainly is a lot of nuts.

Quick Bio: I was born in Betoota, Queensland. Initially, I studied Philosophy and Ethics at Bond University Queensland, but was drawn towards the humanities and eventually gained my Doctorate with my thesis, 'Overcoming White male Privilege: Strategies for white males"

I ran many workshops around the country, and met Evets in the mid-nineties when English Cricket was at its lowest ebb since the French invented it. Understandably he felt the burden of English white male privilege was a burden too great for one man in the Antipodes. Recognising a tough case, I took him under my wing and I am pleased to say that I feel we have made progress, of sorts.  That is, he seems to have replaced the burden of English Cricket, with the challenge of Long-range Meteorologist, a task at which he seems completely hopeless. 

I am currently employed by Centrelink and spend most of my time helping others overcome their WMP. That doesn't leave me much time for sailing, but I hope to meet the rest of the team in future when the conditions are right.






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