The West Coast Speedsters (W, United States of America) - 2017-11-12
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Roo Jr.
Barton (4187km):
67 days ago

Lac Bay, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

NP EVO6 7.0, iSonic 107, Drake Carbon Slalom 40. Wind: 15G17 knots  Launched about 3:00

Was expecting the wind to build with the typical afternoon wind bump about 3:30 or 4:00 so rigged the 7.0 - not today. Made a couple of longer runs but realized the wind was dropping off so headed back to the launch area - too late. Was on the far side but wind was too light for me to even water start. Eventually drifted in to shallow enough water that I could get going but had to walk it part way back once I was on the shallow sand bar.

Taty went out on a Vapor 7.1/iSonic 107 about the same time I launched but being smarter than I, he stopped earlier. When I got back to the beach he looked at me, pointed to the 7.1 and said, "here is your sail" :). He sailed it five days in Fuerte and two days on Bonaire, including today. We took all the decals off, except for 'The Island Boyz'. Tomorrow he is bringing the iSonic 127 and Drake fin to the beach for me. The 7.9 and 6.4 sails are in Holland and will pick them up in a couple of weeks.  I asked if he was going to New Caledonia and he said no. His leg still feels a little weird and conditions in New Caledonia could cause him recovery issues. He is doing the smart thing and focusing on recovery to be fully ready for next years races that start in May.


United States of America
66 days ago

Good to see you back in action. Good news on the sail, get some speed tips from Tatty as part of the package. Looks like wind here for the next few days, will try and back you up Monday/Tuesday.


United States of America
66 days ago

Trying to give it a go...  there are plenty of obvious speed tips that I'm still not able to execute. They are obvious when watching Taty and the new crew of young guns here on Bonaire. The most obvious ones are also the ones you have given me many times - especially 'get away from the rig'. Below is a picture of one of the young guns, Terence Clapper - his stance pretty well sums up what I SHOULD be doing. Today I'll be attempting to get longer harness lines as a first pass at this...