The West Coast Speedsters (W, United States of America) - 2017-12-19
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Roo Jr.
Barton (4187km):
29 days ago
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Lac Bay, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

2017 GA Vapor 7.9, 2015 iSonic 107, MFC KP-RC360  Wind: 15 - 16 knots (and less during 10 - 20 minute lulls).

Another execise day. Was willing to push it harder today but the wind didn't cooperate - big lulls meant time on the beach. Was hoping for a little more wind as I feel like I'm starting to get my head around laydown jibe timing but at my skill level, laydowns are difficult in light winds. 

I almost nailed a conch poacher today. Two of them were snorkeling just north of the tip of the sand bar. I was returning to the launch area, underpowered and barely on a plane, with little ability to make significant course corrections. I saw one of the poachers on the surface and was able to sail behind him. Just as I passed him, the second poacher surfaced from the bottom, about five feet directly behind me. Three seconds sooner and he would have had a race fin in his head... I have seen these guys before. They wear black and spend as little time on the surface as possible, and are  directly in the main sailing channel. I have contemplated reporting them to STINAP but doubt anything would result except future trouble for me. I talked to one other sailor that in the past had confronted them while they were in the water - they through a hammer through his race sail....

The Three Amigos showed up with their foil gear (some of it fresh out of the box). A trend is developing regarding their involvement in GPSTC - I am now expecting a minimal level of postings, to none at all. Time will tell.