The West Coast Speedsters (W, United States of America) - 2017-12-24
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Roo Jr.
Terence B
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Barton (4366km):
352 days ago
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Lac Bay, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

2017 GA Vapor 7.1, 2015 iSonic 107, MFC KP-RC360. Wind: ~ 15 knots. 

Registered some Time on the Water. Nothing memorable, but did get wet. Wind was variable (17 - 19 knots when I arrived, 12 knots after I rigged, 15 knots an hour later when I could sail). The wind gauge at the airport appears to read a couple knots high compared to the realtime reading at Jibe City. Futsed around rigging when the boom clamp rope broke on the Maui Sails boom. Fortunately still had some of the line Roo sent me a couple years ago Smile. First time rigging a GA sail on that boom. Fortunately had not mounted the adjustable outhaul on the boom yet as the pulley system on the boom doesn't mate well with the design for the adjustable outhaul. May just bag the adjustable outhaul on that boom. 

Had some decent runs, reasonably powered and could get locked in. The northern part of the bay still had some sea weed fragments but didn't cause too much of an issue. Hopefully today will be the last of the sea weed for a while...

Christened the 107 with a beginner's failure. Last jibe of the day I didn't get a good grip on the boom during the sail flip. Mast smacked (and slightly cracked the front of the board). Hopefully I've got some epoxy in the shop 'cause it is two days before the stores open up, due to Christmas...

Taty arrived while I was derigging and did a short freestyle session. Unlike most days, when he is surrounded by an entourage, he was by himself so we had a chance to have a nice, relaxed chat. During the chat I proposed that if he had time, and it wasn't too distracting for him, that it would be very interesting for the rest of us if he would wear the GW-60 and post his race sessions. He thought that would be very likely (I think he is kind of curious to see the data himself). He started to apologize that the races might not be the best from I speed standpoint, to which I replied that that wasn't the point. The point is to see, from a "datahead's perspective " what is going on during the race. Sort of like looking at the data from an F1 car during the race... If it works out, this could be a fun Summer looking at Taty's, Amado's, and Aron's PWA slalom racing tracks Laughing.