The West Coast Speedsters (W, United States of America) - 2017-12-25
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Roo Jr.
Barton (4321km):
81 days ago
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Lac Bay, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

2017 GA Vapor 7.1, 2015 iSonic 107, MFC KP-RC360. Wind: 15 to 16 knots.

My little-by-little Christmas present to myself today was I'm starting to figure out jibe timing and why I really need to improve my laydown jibes. I had a good success rate today on the few starboard tack jibes and made a couple of very weak port tack jibes.

The following is a note to myself regarding jibes: As per most people having jibing issues, I'm late to the party on the jibe and am flipping the sail a couple of seconds too late. This was not really an issue on the Gorge gear because I wasn't concerned about Alpha speed and was generally not carrying board speed greater than wind speed into the jibe. With the slalom gear, I'm entering the jibe significantly faster than wind speed and without a good laydown technique I have ended up having to coast through the jibe or end up back-winding myself when I flip the sail. Of coarse, this just means a very slow jibe. I'm improving on the starboard tack laydown but I'm not leaning forward enough, nor am I sheeting in enough to completely dump power from the sail. If I can improve the jibe entry by dumping power and with a tighter carve I can then start the feet switch and sail rotation much earlier while still having some board speed. If i am understanding the timing correctly, the sail flip will happen as the sail goes from completely depowered (and no backwind possibility) to powering up on the new reach direction, thus allowing maximum possible board speed.  

Positives for the day: I had some epoxy so 107 is good to go until I whack it again... Jibes felt like I was FINALLY starting to get a clue on how to jibe the slalom gear, so I'm stoked to have a longer session in a day or two. Tomorrow looks like lighter wind, but Wednesday on is looking promising for now...


United States of America
81 days ago

Good to see Santa brought you a couple of good jibes, poor old RooDolph is stuck here in the snow!


United States of America
81 days ago

Kean, you sure do get good mileage out of 'Roo' Laughing. I've been watching the Oregon weather, wondering if/when you were going to freak out...

Yes, Santa was nice today, and I'm going to be greedy and empty his sleigh of all the rest of his jibes. Too bad the people in the rental area aren't going to get any Innocent