Team East (Engl-E, Great Britain) - 2018-05-15
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Stephen Squirrell
Ian Richards
Peter Cutts
Mike G
Lance Newbery
Ben Tilston
Jamie Bore
Tris Haskins
Rik Jones
Will Trossell
Steve Carter
Venga Boy
Stephen Squirrell (21176km):
246 days ago

Wednesday 16th May – windsurfing **** Bradfield -  cloudy and a bit cooler


27.48 knot. max, 25.22 knot. ave., 13.49 knot. hr., 22.11 knot mile, 82.90 km., 17.62 knot. alpha.


We were still away in our campervan when a few mates sailed Bradfield last Monday in a northerly but lucky for me I had another chance today only difference not much sunshine today. Mag and I were the first to arrive by the River Stour at ten and there was plenty of water, in fact it’s best to sail when the tide is down a bit as the water is flatter! Mag made our breakfast in the van, lovely hot porridge as its chilly while I checked the wind and started to rig. With the onshore wind gusting to 22 mph I took a chance with my X-15 7m and the 133 lt Xantos to help me through the lulls because the wind looked very gusty on the water! Breakfast finished I headed out just after 10.30 and the wind had eased but after a couple of wobbling runs when I consider coming in to rig 8.5 on the 147 but I am glad I didn’t as the wind filled in. You could sail to the beach huts on Wrabness beach and then head up river, getting further up river with most runs about 2 miles each way but included a couple right past Mistley Quay, the furthest I have ever sailed a short board here. I am not saying I was on the plan all the time but you could keep the board going most of the time, the only negative being the water condition in this direction is not great, very bumpy and getting a fast max is changing to say the least. I had been out two hours so I returned to the van for lunch and mag was fast asleep, warn out from a hectic time away in the camper! Keith Farmer had also returned to the beach to change from 8.5 to 7.5, must be getting windy! Mag soon made a pasta salad and I returned to see how windy it was? There were now three others out on the water and the tide was now high, the wind had filled in and you could plan nearly the whole leg now, in fact I got 10 mile runs over 20 knots, not bad for the bumpy river! My best run was up to Mistley again just as a coaster was backing out I managed to avoid it and soon whizzed away! After over three hours on the water and now knackered I decided to call it a day as I had covered 43 miles with a top speed of 27.48Knots. A few friends have treated themselves to lightweight, wide slalom boards but for me the last thing I want is that style of board on the lumpy venues we have around here and am quite happy to stick with my old boards especially if I can get them off Ebay for £40:)