One More Knot (WA, Australia) - 2018-06-09
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
25.625 [PB](D)
Old Salt
Laurent MRU
The Deputy
Streetbob (381km):
381 days ago

Leschenault, WA, AU  wow what a day  not for Slugger though  thats another story. Well got my PBs all around on my good old Starboard 111 thanks to Steves hand me downs.  Thanks mate, tried to get more speed out of the 101 but no could not push it any faster. But still amnaged to stay all day on the Gasstra 6.6 over powered most of the day but what a ride. Got a stiff kneck watching Strech and Slugger and Steve and Dave passing me but all good. Nothing stopping this old fella now, well younge fella if Decrepit was there.  lol  


Zuls (1095km):
381 days ago
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Leschenault, WA, AU

Fanatic Falcon 99, NP6.4, WS29

great day to be out, did not do it justice.

Big stack on my first run destroyed harness, out with spare hook and some knots, out again.

BSN101 (3986km):
381 days ago
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JPSL108 Tribal WS 35, AB+95 Tribal WS 29 NP Hellcat 6.7 NP Hornet 6.2.

Well the day started out rather ho hum, in Bunno that is. It was honking onshore in Busso with half mast waves on the sand bars, so we went to Bunno for the flatter stuff. Cue pregnant pause, we were greeted with Ultrasonis & 8.2 conditions, WTF. Its ok, the wind came in and we were all smiles. Steve drove chris & i up from Busso but refused to rig for us, fair enough he was pulling hard on the days catch cry, 101 Turkey!! Chris followed soon there after and sailed his Futura 101, i let the team down but as captn im known as BSN101, so there!!!

The JP lasted one run out & back, I really changed for the better. I was very happy how the 6.7 handled the conditions getting right up wind on the AB+ with Stretchy and then having a Nm back. Plenty of gybes and I was keeping dry quite well til i noticed, bugger. Chris was over done but hes been working out with the Grand Mc Burgers so he went well on his 6.6. Steve jusst kept going until the 5.5 became a little too ouchy on his shoulder, BUT SluGger, damn i missed his crash but saw the rescue train drive around and pick him up. Must have been a beauty!!! He was all smiles but we could all see laughinh hurt. Bring on the jokes!! 

As the wind built the 6.7 requested a break (batten) so the 6.2 twin cam came out. This is a really nice sail. Again there were some great runs up & down wind. I came in when Steve had pulled the cap off another 101 and almost stopped then too but he was FASTER & FURTHER than me so I... Marcus arrived and i had to stay out to have continuity to the session with him & Novak... pipped Steve, aaww sorry mate!

Marcus had an awesome forst run, until the harness gave way. S P E C T A C U L A R ! splash . 30 min later hes refreshed and having another go. I got to have a few runs with them but i knew that the boys needed to get home, 101 to drink. Bottle o on the way home and i got a lovely buzz. Man it was really heavy rain down the road too!


Leschenault, WA, AU

Old Salt (4867km):
381 days ago
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Well that was a full on day!

Started with the busso boys invading Australind, in big numbers! We found Mad Max, Stretch and Slugger hiding out at the north end of the inlet.

When we arrived, there was very little wind with the local boys drifting around, so after a quick discussion, and realising there was time to adopt a new strategy with the light winds, OMK decided to accept the Wild Turkey 101 challenge.... then we rigged big..... too big it turned out.... wind came in within one run of being out and pretty much most of us came back in to downsize before the real heavy winds hit!

Street Bob led the way with a clean sweep of PB's, and Dave was attempting to pace Stretch (like anyone is even capable of that?) by heading way upwind to find some flat water. Apparently no joy up high so they were back with the rest of the bunch within no time at all. 

There was some good flat water on the far side of the inlet, but the runs were very hit and miss with whether the wind would follow you in to the shallows.

Then following Slugger down the speed run, he came an absolute cropper, and didnt pull up so well with a big shake of the head after a huge crash that was not pleasant to be the first on scene. I'm hoping the ribs arent broken Mr Slugger.... but if they are, I know some really nice nurses in Australind that might give you some great sponge baths until you are back to 100% health Surprised

Then after Stretch recovered Slugger and his gear by driving to the other side of the inlet (big hi 5), Zuls turned up.... really really late.....totally over done on sail size and amused all in the carpark with the biggest crash in recent times.....which tore both sides of his harness straps straight through and left him spreader bar less..... and to his credit, he came in, tied a new spreader bar on with knots, downsized his board and headed back out !!! impressive

Great day all round.

NCX 6.5, Isonic 87L, Tribal WS23, then NCX5.5 Isonic 72L, tRIBAL WS23 then WS25.

Leschenault, WA, AU


381 days ago
Clean sweep Chris!!! Top effort and not in the easiest conditions. Onwards and upwards now 🙂

381 days ago

Nice PBs Bob! More to come.


381 days ago

Nice job Chris on a 6.6.


381 days ago
Well done On the PBs Chris and good to see you guys are all starting to get some KMs in 😀

381 days ago

Well done Chris.

Good numbers from Zuls and Dave too  :-)


381 days ago

Steve Chris Stretchy SluGger Max Marcus Novak. Great tto see so many on the water today. Mend quick SluGger. Top number Stretchy, Ill follow you next time I see you out. Max posted first in the Mob today. Marcus great numbers again and we saw 2 completed GYBES, you animal! 


380 days ago

YOU BEAUTY CHRIS... massive congrats on a full houseCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool

Thanks again for the help guys, stayed in hospital last night, back home now resting upSmile