Team East (Engl-E, Great Britain) - 2011-05-02
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Steve Carter
Stephen Squirrell
Will Trossell
Ben Tilston
Rik Jones
32.65 [PB](D)
31.06 [PB](D)
18.65 [PB](D)
21.29 [PB](D)
Mike G
Ian Richards
Peter Cutts
Lance Newbery
Jamie Bore
Tris Haskins
Venga Boy
Killer Miller
Alex Lewin
Lewis Limm
Steve Carter (8460km):
3393 days ago
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Another great day. Went out a  bit after 2:30 and sea was its best then (quickly changed down from 5.2m to 4.7m), whereas yesterday it was at its worst; unpredictable. Great blasting around and tried a few jumps but not really flying yet. Looked surf further South in bay but was no better and loads of lobster pots. Wind stronger and sea better than yesterday. Logo rollers. Waves formed as tide dropped and looked good a bit after 5pm with waves but too tired by then. Another great day.

Stephen Squirrell (26799km):
3393 days ago
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Got back from a wonderful week in the French Alps skiing and walking to discover I had missed several good days at Felixstowe and my speed buddie Pete Cutts had just beaten my Felixstowe spot record !!! so with a good forsecast today and Pete not able to make it,it was my chance to get it back !!! With high tide at midday there was no point getting out until 2 ish.I got down at one to have a chat with my mates at The Dip and check out the conditions.They were rigging 4 to 5m on wave boards and I did,nt fancy my 5.8 x-15 on my Falcon 90 as you had to beat to the Deben river mouth in a big sea and as I have'nt been much this year and am feeling abit rusty decided to rig my Naish 4.7 and enjoy the waves !!! on unrolling the sail I discovered it had a hole in from the last time I used it :( so I had no choice but to rig my Naish wave 5.6 and being overpowered to enjoy the waves took a slow beat into the Deben river mouth the sail the short flat section formed by the shingle bar ar mid to low tide.With the strong out going tide getting to the start by the rocks was hard and tiring :( but on my first run down and being abit careful as I was not sure of the depth hit 33+ knots :# the first time I have broken 30 kts in all the years I have sailed at Felixstowe :# I did approx. doz. runs breaking 30 kts on every run with a max gps reading of 34.68 :) so I am very pleased, just abit disappointed I was'nt on my slalom kit as I might have added a couple of knots !!! The main down side is the course is very shor:# just long enough for 10 sec runs !!! I managed to sail back to the Dip knackered as it was blowing strong now with the wave sailors out with 4m in some of the best conditions I have ever seen at Felixstowe !!! So a good day was had by all,great to be out in the sunshine even if abit on the chilly side :(

F2 Wizzard 262 and Naish evolution 5.6 wave sail !!!!

New spot record :) :) :)

Will Trossell (2021km):
3393 days ago

Same wind as yesterday but thouught I would try my smaller kit - couldnt really get going - seemed even gustier today. It hasnt helped hearing from Rik the last 4 days that Rutland has been howling haha!

Ben Tilston (3051km):
3392 days ago
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Best days speed sailing at Rutland ever!!!

Hadn't even looked at the foecast but when I got to the lake it looked like a few more PB's could be had with the wind ENE and a couple of knots stronger than Sunday.

This kit had been in the trailer for a while but it felt great straight off the beach and I soon found my way up to the speed strip. Tried various lines and timings with the gusts but ultimately it seemed it all came down to pot luck whether you could get a good run but I think persistance told and  after a good few runs trying I managed to increase my 10s Av. by over 2kts and get a max of 35.41kt on the screen. Rutland PB's also for 100m, 250m, & 500m,

Get in!!!!

Rutland / ENE 20-30kts / Slalom III 89 / NP RSR 5.8 / Choco Fireblade 30 

Rik Jones (834km):
3392 days ago
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Okay 4th day lucky - left it until late (actually had heaps of work to do!) and got down just as it was really beginning to get windy.  Thought I'd had a short and sweet session but appeared to have ended-up out there for quite a while!

Super stoked with that - beating 7 of my 9 personal records.  The new boards and sails have really moved on again - loving the new RS:Slalom MKIV and that small JP Slalom VII 56 is cracking, although I should have run a 27cm for these winds as the 29cm was on the edge of giving me 2 or 3 really big 'offs' that would have resulted in loss of life (or at least a few limbs!).

Cracking end to such a good holiday weekend.

Just need to start adding some weight if I am going to have any chance of challenging the guys for top speed.

Mike G (11070km):
3386 days ago

I'd have preferred to have been on slalom kit but travelling light meant that I only had freestyle / wave kit with me. Speed runs with a little Baker freestyle fin felt suicidal over chop but were quite fun nonetheless and a good test of nerve. I wondered who was on a Simmer and Falcon but looking at the recent GPSSS sessions I guess it must have been Adam Gustafsson.
Spot / Conditions: Sithians Lake (England), 15 knots gusting 25 knots
Kit: JP Freestyle Wave 84, 5.7m NP Expression, Baker Freestyle 24
Tech Details: Navi GT-31 V1.4 (B0803T), GPSResults v6.96, Doppler, Cubic Spline.