The Breakaways
SailorSail NumberAge Division
Mr HappyAUS1911Grand Master (45 - 59)
Larkoka43Grand Master (45 - 59)
Boss ManAUS 4Legend (60+)
conanAUS 98Legend (60+)
Adrian LevyAUS 49Master (35 - 44)
OK, it's Mike. Just Mike dammit.Grand Master (45 - 59)
DavMenGrand Master (45 - 59)

Latest Sessions for The Breakaways
Sun 18th June12Nigel9 days ago
Wed 07th June13Andrew16 days ago
Wed 31st May21Adrian Levy27 days ago
Sun 07th May10Larko51 days ago
Tue 11th April16Steve Walsh75 days ago
Mon 10th April30Boss Man78 days ago
Sun 02nd April20Boss Man86 days ago
Fri 31st March20Boss Man87 days ago
Mon 27th March22Boss Man91 days ago
Sun 19th March35Larko99 days ago
Sat 18th March22conan101 days ago
Fri 17th March13Johnny Miller101 days ago
Sat 11th March11Mehore102 days ago
Sun 12th March31Boss Man106 days ago
Mon 06th March110Gabe112 days ago
Sun 05th March23OK, it's Mike. Just Mike dammit.114 days ago
Sat 04th March22Boston115 days ago
Sat 25th February25Nigel118 days ago
Thu 23rd February32Larko124 days ago
Wed 22nd February [PB]x1216Gabe124 days ago
Mon 20th February14nudie125 days ago
Fri 17th February41OK, it's Mike. Just Mike dammit.128 days ago