The West Coast Speedsters
SailorSail NumberAge Division
RooRooGrand Master (45 - 59)
Roo Jr.SR71Open (18 - 34)
Jay-AnthonyNB-32Open (18 - 34)
BartonLegend (60+)
MarcNB2Grand Master (45 - 59)
AronCUR 2Open (18 - 34)
RDGrand Master (45 - 59)
TatyNB9Master (35 - 44)
AmadoNB20Open (18 - 34)
Terence BNB99Open (18 - 34)
JuvannieNB35Master (35 - 44)
NagelNB65Open (18 - 34)
AlexanderGrand Master (45 - 59)
Terence CJunior (13 - 17)
BimbiJunior (13 - 17)
ChenNB75Junior (13 - 17)
Marc van BGrand Master (45 - 59)

Latest Sessions for The West Coast Speedsters
Wed 08th April20Taty9 hours ago
Fri 03rd April10Taty9 hours ago
Mon 06th April10Marc van B3 days ago
Wed 01st April10Marc van B8 days ago
Tue 31st March10Marc van B9 days ago
Mon 30th March10Marc van B10 days ago
Sun 29th March10Marc van B11 days ago
Thu 26th March10Marc van B14 days ago
Tue 24th March10Marc van B16 days ago
Mon 23rd March10Marc van B17 days ago
Thu 19th March10Marc van B21 days ago
Thu 05th March20Barton34 days ago
Wed 04th March20Barton35 days ago
Tue 03rd March20Barton36 days ago
Mon 02nd March20Barton37 days ago
Sun 01st March10Barton38 days ago
Fri 21st February12Marc van B47 days ago
Thu 20th February10Barton48 days ago
Wed 19th February20Barton49 days ago
Tue 18th February [PB]x122Marc van B50 days ago
Mon 17th February20Barton51 days ago
Sun 16th February [PB]x120Marc van B52 days ago
Sat 15th February12Barton53 days ago
Fri 14th February [PB]x131Maree Jordan54 days ago
Thu 13th February [PB]x130Taty55 days ago
Wed 12th February30Taty56 days ago
Mon 10th February [PB]x120Barton58 days ago
Sat 08th February10Taty61 days ago
Fri 07th February10Taty62 days ago
Thu 06th February [PB]x221Barton62 days ago
Tue 04th February10Taty63 days ago
Wed 05th February [PB]x110Marc van B64 days ago
Mon 03rd February20Barton66 days ago
Sun 02nd February10Barton66 days ago
Sat 01st February30Barton68 days ago