Team East (Engl-E, Great Britain) - 2021-05-03
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Stephen Squirrell
Ian Richards
Peter Cutts
Lance Newbery
Ben Tilston
Jamie Bore
Tris Haskins
Rik Jones
Will Trossell
Steve Carter
Venga Boy
Killer Miller
Alex Lewin
Lewis Limm
Stephen Squirrell (29857km):
10 days ago

Monday 3rd - Windsurf **** - River Orwell at Levington – cloudy but fairly mild.


Foil – 18.17 knot max, 16.60 knot ave., 9.22 knot hour, 15.56 knot mile, 18.53 km.,11.95 knot alpha.


Exocet RF AST 91 with Slingshot Hover Glide 76 with Tushingham Lightning 7m.


Fin – 26.76 knot max, 25.00 knot ave., 13.37 knot hour, 20.01 knot mile, 39.92 km.,15.90 knot alpha.


F2 Zantos 295 with 36 fin and Tushingham Lightning 7m.


Feeling a little fragile after yesterday, woke with an achy stomach, then had friends the Hurrells around for a garden catch up which was great but got so cold I had to go to bed for the afternoon, it took half an hour with the electric blanket on to warm up! Then today was a hard one to call venue wise as the forecast was for the wind to build during the day to 30 knots plus so I didn’t fancy an open sea session today so instead headed over to Levington Marina just after low water, probably not the ideal time to launch in a SW and was not sure I would be able launch which is why I didn’t say anything on WhatsApp. The winds actually took time to build during the morning so I did my exercises while several sailors went to The Manor and The Dip in Felixstowe. Wetsuit on I left for the marina just before midday dropping Mag off en route so she could have a walk. The river level was low but super flat and with wind probably gusting to 20 knots not enough to fin I decided to take a chance with the foil and hope there was enough water. The foil was quickly set up and then went for my 7m again, launching directly into the deep-water marina entrance with no problems, 10 little tacks later I was out in the main river and flying towards Pin Mill. Then just past Levington Creek I hit the bottom really hard going over the front, breaking my harness line. I was lucky not to do more damage, my fault for sailing too close to the shore! Luckily, I carry a spare harness line so that was soon replaced and I was up and flying again. I had some nice long two mile making sure to keep away from the shore where you have plenty of water and foiling at low water here is no problem. With the wind now gusting over 25 knots I decided to come in and swop to my fin board. I went with the bigger F2 Xantos 295 to help me through the lulls you get river sailing and was soon whizzing along. Sadly, SW is not a fast direction here although I did try bearing off down the swells in the bay where I get my best speeds. The more water you get the more chop you get but the old board handles that OK. I had so great runs flat out past the marina nearly making PIN Mill but ran out of wind before I got there. After the beat to Pin Mill you could sail broad for two miles back planing all the way and only shared the water with the odd yacht today, just great :) So after an hour on the foil and probably two on the fin I was getting knackered and with the wind close to 30 knots in the gusts it was time to call it a day. I pac ked up in the shelter of the van but tying my foil board onto the trailer was challenging with the wind now gusting 35 knots! But I did it in the end and then headed to the luxury showers. Then have now locked the toilet block door but I soon found someone who told me the code so warmed up in the top shower, the best part about sailing here:) Home for a cuppa and cake with Mag:) Strong winds tonight and tomorrow from the west so might check out Levington again if not stupid windy!