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DateStateTeam2 Second Peak5 x 10 Second Average1 HourAlpha Racing 500mNautical MileDistance Travelled
7th DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mob36.4234.4119.6821.3431.9470.13
7th DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie17.6516.6110.5914.1414.9719.75
7th DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team
7th DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos34.0832.3419.0520.7730.9196.90
7th DecemberAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers
7th DecemberAU - WAPerth Southsiders
7th DecemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians31.2729.479.7520.0920.1725.73
7th DecemberAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders33.9432.3411.7916.7630.7240.24
7th DecemberAU - WACoastal Speed team
7th DecemberFR - NCCrazy Frogs
7th DecemberAU - QLDPursuit
7th DecemberAU - WAWA Speed Team38.2736.5019.8725.4734.3495.92
6th DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
6th DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mob34.9933.2416.6121.0630.7544.50
6th DecemberAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
6th DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie24.5523.1714.8418.5719.3946.73
6th DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team19.3818.1513.2815.8215.8743.60
6th DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos29.7727.2712.0520.0621.8626.64
6th DecemberAU - QLDFNQ Mob
6th DecemberAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers29.9826.166.6415.3318.5217.63
6th DecemberAU - WAPerth Southsiders
6th DecemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians30.5328.7213.7920.0322.8242.71
6th DecemberAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders33.4231.9613.4416.0728.9539.58
6th DecemberFR - NCCrazy Frogs
6th DecemberAU - WAOne More Knot24.4723.0716.2017.9222.0934.19
6th DecemberAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)23.8020.5210.0618.0418.3728.74
6th DecemberAU - QLDPursuit
6th DecemberAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
6th DecemberAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
6th DecemberAU - WAWA Speed Team
5th DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
5th DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mob
5th DecemberAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
5th DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie24.0223.0613.5816.5117.9734.42
5th DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team22.7621.8814.7715.0419.2763.28
5th DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos31.6929.5215.4420.4021.0454.54
5th DecemberAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team30.6728.9613.2619.1523.2055.03
5th DecemberAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers31.6329.0314.3317.8023.4026.88
5th DecemberAU - NSWDouble Demerits
5th DecemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians33.3731.3411.2622.4922.0047.80
5th DecemberAU - NSWMid-North Coast Marauders29.4328.2214.0518.9223.4031.93
5th DecemberAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)26.5525.0812.3818.2120.5934.13
5th DecemberHR - SouthVazeljin lovers
5th DecemberAU - QLDPursuit24.5323.0213.1016.9717.9537.66
5th DecemberAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
4th DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
4th DecemberAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob20.9319.729.5015.4714.3128.49
4th DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie17.4715.287.569.1811.4922.17
4th DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team26.9825.5814.3317.5720.9654.01
4th DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos
4th DecemberAU - VICThe Pit Crew
4th DecemberAU - QLDGold Coast Express29.1927.3614.2820.6518.7777.07
4th DecemberNL - SBeNeFun speedteam
4th DecemberAU - QLDPursuit
4th DecemberAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
3rd DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings
3rd DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie24.9922.9713.7519.0018.8360.91
3rd DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team
3rd DecemberAU - VICThe Pit Crew19.1116.2210.3111.1012.7621.47
3rd DecemberAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
3rd DecemberAU - NSWDouble Demerits23.4721.758.9710.6216.7940.11
3rd DecemberAU - NSWIllawarra Speedsters
3rd DecemberFR - NCCrazy Frogs
3rd DecemberAU - WAOne More Knot22.8521.9916.9717.8320.6253.97
3rd DecemberAU - NSWCentral Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)22.0420.9614.3117.1917.9361.51
3rd DecemberAU - QLDPursuit
3rd DecemberAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
2nd DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mob
2nd DecemberAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mob
2nd DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie17.8414.584.9610.3411.5713.18
2nd DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team
2nd DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos
2nd DecemberAU - VICThe Pit Crew
2nd DecemberAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
2nd DecemberAU - TASTassie Speed Seekers25.5423.860.0018.3319.9322.09
2nd DecemberAU - NSWDouble Demerits
2nd DecemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians23.0621.094.6714.4713.2431.54
2nd DecemberFR - NCCrazy Frogs25.5824.106.1316.7921.1526.29
2nd DecemberAU - SABogan Speed Team30.3328.6420.1521.4724.8785.91
2nd DecemberAU - QLDPursuit25.9024.6112.1719.3719.7729.81
2nd DecemberAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean
2nd DecemberAU - WAWA Speed Team28.2826.9710.4917.0320.4333.15
1st DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast Vikings27.9625.9012.6918.5419.6747.66
1st DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mob
1st DecemberAU - NSWLake Macquarie23.0321.819.1017.9918.4630.77
1st DecemberAU - QLDSEQ Team23.0321.2212.6314.0019.1133.12
1st DecemberAU - WAPinnaroos
1st DecemberAU - NSWSt George SC Speed Team
1st DecemberAU - WAPerth Southsiders
1st DecemberAU - NSWDouble Demerits
1st DecemberNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed Cantabrians
1st DecemberHR - WestCro North Adriatic Team
1st DecemberHR - NorthCro KJD Zagreb GPS Team
1st DecemberAU - QLDGold Coast Express
1st DecemberAU - SABogan Speed Team
1st DecemberHR - SouthVazeljin lovers
1st DecemberAU - QLDPursuit
1st DecemberAU - VICThe Bridesmaids
1st DecemberAU - QLDPirates of the Cootharabean