SA Speedsters (SA, Australia) - 2024-02-10
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Chris Dimond
Andrew Hannon
Kimba (8007km):
10 days ago

Lake Goerge 10-25 SE - The Spit

Mistral 137 / Evo V 8.6 / Lessacher 36 then SX-S / M-1 6.9 / Tomahawk Weed Speed 29

Distance was the plan so at 7am I headed out from the spit on the Mistral 137 & Evo V 8.6 for about 40km and then it picked up.  Went in and changed to the M-1 6.9 and had a few good runs before it dropped out again.  Went back in for the 8.6 for a few runs and in kicked in again.  Distance was out of the question so I put the 6.9 in the SX-S with the Tomahawk Weed Speed 29 and went out for a blast.  The water was pretty choppy and I only tried 1 run off the wind behind the big island.  The board stuck in a trough and I nearly went OTB so I decided to call it a day while I was still in one piece and save the speed for the coming weeks and months when the water level drops a bit.  All in all it was a fun overnight trip.  Nice to see some old and new faces and talk all things speedsailing.