SA Gybe Turkeys (SA, Australia) - 2008-11-22
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Peter Bubner
22.898 [PB](X)
21.195 [PB](X)
Peter Bubner (139km):
5720 days ago
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Bubs (476km):
5720 days ago
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Well another reasonable day out with dad. Didn't get out until about 2 - 2.30 in the arvo even after dropping my sister at schoolies in victer harbour and looking at a house down that way. Wasn't really ideal conditions and i struggled a bit really. Something wasn't quite right. Although did get a few good runs in down one of the short banks and thats about it so still reasonable speed. Dad did really well once again, really getting the hang of footstraps and everything now. Asked me to move them really outboard on his big JP 158L freeride board so that should make a big difference also. After being on the smaller boards at milang last week he wants his out, and also to get on our other board a bit more which is 114L so that will be good for him.

Was probably 20 to 25 knots, maybe pushing it. But inconsistant like Goolwa is. Not quite the right direction for the good bank as you can see in my GPS track below. Really choppy through the middle which didnt make it easy and wasn't really super flat like it can be anywhere much at all. I rigged a 5.0m Neilpryde Core with my S-type 93L and dad has his JP Freeride 158L with the 5.8m Gaastra grind. I was a bit underpowered at times (could have put on a bit much downhaul) but dad said he felt pretty comfortable as he was.

Anyway all up not to bad, not the best i've felt but still pretty allright speeds none the less and Dad was stoked with his day. My peak speed was actually a bit over 27 knots but 2 sec brought that down a bit unfortunatley. Once again this is not dads whole session, we only got the one GPS to share between us and he took it off me when i headed in early. Took a heap of photos from the point when i headed in also which i will put up on seabreeze for everyone to have a look... i was so cold though so a lot of blury ones from not being able to hold my hands still, will have to sort through.

As said before my GPS track for the day is below...

Cheers, Bubs


5720 days ago

Well done Peter.

Bubs you know what your dad wants for Christmas. Its a gift you will both benefit from, a second GPS.