SpeedEnz (Nth Is, New Zealand) - 2010-03-12
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Michael (icesurf)
37.37 [PB](D)
Chris Parkinson
38.75 [PB](D)
31.82 [PB](D)
Michael Harris
Bruce Nicholson
John Hodgson
John Kemsley
Michael (icesurf) (267km):
5216 days ago
3 categories
  • 500m = 36.46knots
  • Lynfield, 15-28knots, WSW-SSW, (broad at 1st then square after the wind kicked in)
  • 50cm Speed Board, ka koncept 5.7m, Fin ka 23cm & falcon 22cm

New custom speed board suited for light winds with bigger sail.

At 1st Fin too big, changed fin - then fin too small (no lift) for board.

Craigs Assys Fin wins again.






Chris Parkinson (1758km):
5215 days ago
1 categories

BigWorld Speed veneer 54, BigWorld 28?, RS4 5.4. Lynfield, GT31

Another great day at Lynfield with 4 of the team making it. Big thumbs up Wink to Craig (Loomo) who, dispite recently having surgery on thumb and wearing knee braces and the like, smokes down the course at his usual +40 speeds. Big thanks to Michael for the deals on the KA gear/GT31 and to Bruce for the generours donations!
Not enough runs in it for me today since it was a bit more of test and tune to get a getting a baseline with the new GT31. Interesting to note the following (but not really accurate since that each unit was on different arms)-

Max 2 sec speed - Foretrex 2 sec Max (GPSRV6) 37.227

Max 2 sec speed - GT31 (GPsV6) 35.79

(all posted results GT31)

MartinJE (4408km):
5215 days ago
2 categories

Lynfield - CA SP53, Venom 280, mb @ -1; Koncept 5m0 - for conditions we had should have gone 5m8 - forecast was for 40kn gusts ... Still so much to learn, and unlearn ... Great to see the others up close & blasting - well done on the PBs!

Loomo (122km):
5215 days ago
5 categories

Board, Loomo 44, Sail, NP RSR 5.8, Fin, Loomo 18 Assy. Thumb taping, Elastoplast, Knee Brace, Push PSB, Underwear, Commando!

Just to correct Chris' misunderstanding about the thumb.. I have not had the operation yet, still waiting for a slot in the surgeons list, so just straped it up to stop it flopping about. As I can sail with the broken ligament (surgeon's description), I might not have the opp and avoid missing out on sailing due to 4 weeks in the plaster cast after the opp and another 4 weeks of recovery after the cast is off..

Nice to get out after 4 weeks of rest, seriously lacking in fitness especially on the left side the side with the torn Ulnar lig. The wind angle started off perfect, nice and broad but the breeze was light, then the breeze filled in but the angle swung making the track very tight. The fastest run was when the wind was light but atthe correct angle. The baby fin was tops on the right tack but a we bit difficult getting back up the track on the wrong tack with low fitness, only one solution...get out and sail more.  Niced to get a PB on the Nautical mile. Good to see most of the lads in the team out there, good on ya guys!. We all missed you out on the track Brucey. Chirs T was looking awsome on the kite. Hopefully we get another go on Sunday, fingers crossed!


Sth Is
New Zealand
5216 days ago

superb session Michael, very nice PB


Nth Is
New Zealand
5215 days ago

Congrats on the PBs Chris, Martin and Michael!


Nth Is
New Zealand
5215 days ago

Hi Guys, Today, Saturday is looking good for Lynfield, hope to see you all there.


5215 days ago

SEnsational Stuff Guyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lao shi

5214 days ago

Great speed, guys. Loomo, an 18cm fin! I think that is the smallest I have seen posted. Got any photos?


Nth Is
New Zealand
5214 days ago

Sorry I do not have any photos of the fin on hand however a photo of the outline would not look much differnet to any other fin other than this one is only 18cm deep, the real difference with the fin is the the foil section is asymetric i.e. one side almost flat with the other curved. The distribution of the shape over the depth of the fin also varies and the built in structural twist also helps the fin work better. Big World fins and I are experimenting with even smaller fins, these are looking promising. Many people beleive that you can not sail up wind on the wrong tack with asymetric fins, this is not the case but it does take a completely different sailing technique and foot strap set up to do it.  You can sail as high as people with normal fins but not quite as fast.