Team East (Engl-E, Great Britain) - 2015-01-10
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Stephen Squirrell
Mike G
45.54 [PB](D)
Ian Richards
46.7 [PB](D)
43.18 [PB](D)
Peter Cutts
Lance Newbery
Ben Tilston
Jamie Bore
Tris Haskins
Rik Jones
Will Trossell
Steve Carter
Venga Boy
Killer Miller
Alex Lewin
Lewis Limm
Stephen Squirrell (34966km):
3471 days ago

If this is windsurfing you wouldn't do it !!! Just went to Alton as it was the only local option this time of year and to get a session in January ! We had just about everything today it started with a balmy 14 degrees , westerly the north of west with winds of next to nothing gusting to 49 kts !!!! we had driving rain then sunny periods !!!! Mate Neil Hurrell went with 5.7 and I took a chance with 6.4 which was way over in the gusts and way under in the lulls :( and the wind was very very gusty :( As the water is so'ooooooooooooooooooooo cold you do anything so not to fall in, so I made the mistake of sailing into the windshadow on the far bank and then had a job to get off the bank :( I peaked at 29.97 just missing 30 kts :( and that was on the bumpy squally, bumpy run when you had a job to see where you were going !! Neil had a good morning sailing but Chris Phillips hurt his fingers in the big gusts - finger crossed (no pun intended ! ) that they are not broken!!!

Mike G (11070km):
3471 days ago
4 categories

Today looked good for PBs and WK certainly delivered the goods. I did 7 runs before smashing one of my least favorite PBs... biggest crash!

My peaks were pretty consistent with three 45's and four 44's and once I'd seen a few 10s runs over 42 knots, I thought I was on for a 42 knot average.

My seventh run (final run) was a huge stack, catapulting whilst hooked in at just over 45 knots. I ended up in casualty for half a dozen stiches above my right eye.

Still a PB for 100m (44.85 knots) and 5x10s (41.90 knots) although I'd have liked a little faster given the condtions.

Shame my session ended so soon as I was starting to get fast and comfortable. Apart from learning a few things on the technique front, I also learnt not to crash at 45 knots!

West Kirby
RRD Speed 41
Neilpryde RS Racing EVO 2 4.7
Gasoil Fins ELS L 21

benno (2236km):
3471 days ago

what a cracker, knowing the local speedies had all bailed to WK i went with 2 goals 1) come back alive with no injurys 2) spot record top/average, although some hairy moments 1 was acheived and very nearly bagged 2!! with a respectable (in my world) 6th to 2nd place ranking, 3rd best session recorded and pb'd my 250m and 500m

my hidden goal was to work on stance as previous session photos where quite frankly appauling so took the boom right down 200-250mm!! took top eyelet and moved lines closer to each other, on the runs thinking get low (was actually singing 'how low can you go' down the course) and straight arms,raked rig with no photo evidence il never know what it looked like but it kinda clicked, felt comfortable, gusts where being translated and very balanced no arm cramps, it felt proper sweet, the sail felt powerful but not getting pulled out of shape like before.

the session....arrived early, tide was high and no sign of windsurfers - not good, iv been in a+e 4 times 2 minor and 2 serious one of which was an ambulance so im very aware of saftey and a rule is not to sail on my own, so aware of this i start getting the gear sorted, all rigged and starting to get wetsuit on a local turns up..thank god for that! knowing the boys wernt coming she claimed the regulars were all coming sunday hmmm at least there's someone with me....plan was to get out early and catch the perfect height...this was slow and tiring the sand was soft and sinking, once there it wouldnt be long for the off and an almighty squall came through, must of been 50kts maybe more any attempt to move kit would be airbourne gear so sat on my sail and curled up in a ball questioning my sanity! as this was happening the course was remarkably smooth with an angle of 135/45, if your balls were big potential 50kt runs there but mine are small, the main problem was the west bank hadnt appeared although convinced it was shallow enough to stand up any mistake would see almost certainly being taken out to chance! soon the bank had poked its nose through and im off, probably for the best the wind had eased and straigtened up, 1st run was apprehensive, perfect tide and took it all the way to the end 38 clocked and couldnt stop saying sh*t! i managed another again 38 tops then i had 2 bails so added 3mm d/h and a touch o/h this was on the money staight away 38.5 10 sec this felt great, but wasted a couple of runs by then and the lady had given up so im on my own! got a few more runs in but in total only 6

the spot...spent the morning with a protractor and google earth overlay, the course itself lies geographically at 105/110 degrees (the course has a slight 5 degree addition halfway, or at least my track does) so W wil see 105/110. taken and set from where i was equal going in either direction i recon i had about 5 degrees of N in it so course for the day was 110/115 degrees, WNW would see a course of 125/130 degrees and a course of 140/145 would sit equally between WNW and NW, the best tide will see the west bank from just breaking surface to 500mm exposed east bank will only be showing high rocks at end of course this will take you all the way to the spit/dune, as the it gets lower the brakes need to come on as you pass the 2nd green bouy, this is the golden height and will see you safely between bank and green bouys very flat, approaching the 2nd green bouy the bank comes out a touch but strangely goes quite deep this sees the water without ripple (0-1.5m from bank) from a rattling board the board humms and whines you would be balls out by then and this is like a turbo cutting this corner and inside of bouy at nearly 40kts is scary, you can go either side of the bouy, i think if the tide is in its earlist state then cut it but once it gets lower go outside, my last run i slingshot off the smooth but ran outside of the bouy this saw my peak at 39.5 so think that could be fastest?

sorry for the ramble but wanted to share the spot info which others may find usefull,

highlight of the day was the seal that kept me company when i was on my own he was that close i was trying to get him on my board, he provided entertainment and company trudging up the course - going down his novelty wore thin as he was chilling in the 'turbo' patch pre-bouy, how he knew when i was coming il never know and god knows how i didnt hit him!

roll on the next one!!!


SP44 / KA 23 SYM / KONCEPT 5.0 2014

Ian Richards (18353km):
3464 days ago
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Frustrating day, had kit issues when it was fastest, then when I got it together it had gone too broad and the chop too dangerous, still a good West Kirby day but a lot of sitting in vans was done waiting waiting..   Well done Ant on your 45av and 49 peak and Jim with a smoking peak at last. good turnout.

matty (1092km):
3462 days ago

what a day , arrived early at west kirby , it was proper windy ,some of the guys where all ready out and spanking it , ant todd for sure was flying 49 max ,awesome dude .

so after alot of talking and avoiding going out , i rigged a 5m and my IS w44 ,slung in a black projects xls 18 and got my arse out on the water 

first run down the wall , a respectable 43 max 42 10s , second run felt smooth and my gps was beeping :) bang 46.92 ,yes :) 45 10s oh yes:)

then slowing down , now that was an issue ,rolling chop and small fins dont mix well ,slowed down a bit before smack .... totally fine ,but the 5m took a beating ,somehow ripped the top of the sail :(

anyway rigged 5.6 and carryed on . good day great to catch up with the norfolk posse ,tris,andy,tony

till the next time :)


3471 days ago

Mike glad you survived to tell the story! Happy memories and glad you cracked (pun indeed) a PB or 2CoolCool