United Speedsailors of America (USA, United States of America) - 2018-06-09
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Flad The Inhaler
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chris forenbaher
denisspb (9410km):
290 days ago
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Lahontan, NV, US

Way too gusty, just made a few runs trying to play it safe.

Manta 98L, 6.4 Koncept, Hotrod 31

Boro (10521km):
290 days ago
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Boro Bay, Lahontan Reservoir, Fallon, NV, US

PD 100 SL, Sailloft Ultimate 7.0, Vector Volt 36

Wind history on wind alert says it was 33 - 48 knots

The forecast looked super good for Lahontan Reservoir and I talked Denis into making one and a half hour drive to try the new spot. Park ranger at the gate was laughing at me when I said we are here for windsurfing. I think she was very well aware of the wind forecast too. She said beaches are numbered from 22 to 36 on this side of the reservoir and gave me a cute little map that was so small, impossible to read beach numbers. We stopped at beach 22 first. Water level was so high, there was basically no beach. Off to a beach 26, planty of space there. Denis parked by the water while I had a trailer with me and parked up by the main road. Dude that was parked near Denis came to us and informed us nicely that he has more friends coming for the party sometimes during the day and he doesn't want to be rude...but...you know...maybe we shouldn't be there...not to be rude...and there are all these people constantly parking at his beach...but not to be rude...No worries dude, the place is too far downwind anyway, we are off further upwind to a bay at the end of the road; Have a nice party!!!!

Beach 30, the dream place! Flat water looking from the road and plenty of parking space. Even nice sandy access to the bay. We positioned ourselves strategically close to the water and flat area for rigging. Mike, dude #2 came and informed us that his friends will be parking there tonight when they stop by for dinner. No worries dude, we'll just sail here for a few hours and keep this spot safe for your guests. His dog, Spencer, big black German Shepard also came to make sure we are not making any trouble. Very playful dog, we made friends right away :)

Denis was not too enthusiastic about wind. It was up and down and didn't look like much but strong gusts were coming through. Lets just rig, I said. It will pick up soon, forecast is good and this place always gets windier later in the day. 100 and 7.0 for me, just to be on a safe side. Denis was thinking 7.5 but decided on 6.4 at the end. 

Mike came to talk about sailing; So you guys are just going to ride the wind? How will you came back? It was time for a lesson about foils, low and high pressure side of a sail and fin, sailing angles, wind speed vs board speed...Mike was looking at me like I came from Mars lol. He said if I get hypothermia he is not coming to get me lol. 

Ready to go! Stepped down to the water level and slipped on the mud, twisting my knee badly. Crap, didn't need this but forget the pain, lets get some speed runs in!!! Gusts were violent and shifting all over the place. 35.5 knots on my first run, almost hitting bushes on the other side. After few runs it was obvious this is not going to be too good, so I decided to sail out of the small bay and test the open water chop and swell. Way too much for 100 and 7.0. Came back and informed Denis of conditions. Denis was pumped up to get at least few runs in. There was no going back now, already rigged and knee deep in the water...

Mike came to me and said they enjoyed watching us sailing. His granddaughter was impressed the way this works and he would like to learn how to windsurf...Cool

After few runs, we decided to pack it up and head for Pyramid Lake, hoping for some better luck there. But my knee was swollen and stiff and it was already late to make it there on time. 

I figured this place deserves a name. Boro Bay  Laughing

TBob (373km):
289 days ago

TX, US Falcon 112, S2Maui venom 7.7, Tribal weedspeed 35


United States of America
289 days ago

I thought we wanted to name it Boro Boro Smile