Grevelingen Chop Team (S, Netherlands) - 2019-03-16
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Hans Kreisel
Jacques van der Hout
Ben van der Steen
Jeroen Schuitema
Stefan Brouwers
Marcel van Kalken
Sebastiaan de Bruijn
Menno Benningshof
André Mook
Theo Boudewijn
Hans Kreisel (31687km):
184 days ago
2 categories

Blue Steel back on top!!!!

Finally some real wind! Good to sail with Gunnar on a day like this to see where i stand ;) Had to stop early because i had to go to work made as much runs as possible think i could have pushed the average if i stayed. My back feels a lot stronger after so many days with 80km/h average and pushing myself hopefully the wind stays like this al year. After a few runs setting the gear almost every peak was over 90km/h. Happy i took the 5,6 maybe it was to big at times but had a lot of stable power especially on the square course. Nice to see so many people enjoying the sport. Can't wait to see what Jacq and Vince are going to do they just arrived when i had to leave.

Big Thanks to my sponsers for the support.

Neilpryde/ JP-Australia/ Z-fins / Bar de Stulp Renesse and

Jacques van der Hout (25699km):
184 days ago
6 categories

Session number 6 in a row! I arrived when Hans came from the water, he told me about his speeds and it was upfront already mission impossible for me to go faster then that. After 15 minutes i had 1 good run and tried to do 4 more of them, but i just couldn't. Difference between Hans and me..... if Hans has one good run he never gives up and when he wants 5 simular fast runs most of the times he manages to do that. Offcourse i always try it but me and my (old;-)) body most of the time can't do it 5 times on a day. Hans is so fast and commited to GPS Speed that he deserves it to lead the 2019 ranking. Really hope we have no wind for the next 10 days, i need to recover.

Sammy the snail

184 days ago

Wooow that some pure speed guys, wonder what it feels like going that faaaaast!! Not jealous at all!! Well done CoolCool

Martin Worling

184 days ago

Almost 50knots. Wow guys. Sen-freakin-sational. Well done.