Team East (Engl-E, Great Britain) - 2017-06-06
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Steve Carter
Stephen Squirrell
Ian Richards
Peter Cutts
Mike G
Lance Newbery
Ben Tilston
Jamie Bore
Tris Haskins
Rik Jones
Will Trossell
Venga Boy
Ant (5703km):
354 days ago
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Steve Carter (8101km):
353 days ago
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WNW not as windy as it looked but 76l 4.2m ok. Sea mostly bad chop in this direction.

Stephen Squirrell (18140km):
350 days ago
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Tuesday 6th June – Windsurf **** Hamworthy – sunny periods with showers, very windy!


Walk **** Around Corfe Castle


F2 Ride 282, Tushingham Lightning 6.50m, 38 cm fin. Wind W, 25/35 mph


30.09 kt. max., 27.05 kt. ave., 23.70 kt. mile, 19.20 km, 18.41 kt. alpha.


Good night in our wooded spot on the lane from Arne to Corfe Castle and luckily, we survived with no trees being blown down on us! If anything, it is a little windier today but the dark clouds have been replaced by sunny periods with only the odd shower. After breakfast, we head to the bird RSPB reserve but don’t fancy paying for the carpark to take a breezy walk especially as my fleece hasn’t dried out from yesterday! We then realise we are only 3 miles from Corfe Castle and as Mag hasn’t seen it we head there. We pass our overnight spot and come across a National Trust Heath which we access over a cattle grid with no overnight parking signs:( There are footpaths and bike routes everywhere and will be well worth a visit when the weather is not so wild! The scenery is stunning especially when Corfe Castle comes into view perched high on a hill. Just around the corner from the NT pay carpark there is a free layby right by the castle but after a quick pic we continue back to Hamworthy.  It is VW heaven around here – there are VW vans everywhere!!  The wind had swung from onshore to cross from the left and with the sun out the pensioners windsurf club were out in force, well four of them using 4.5 sails with it being even windier than yesterday!!! It was not a good time to be on the South coast with my smallest small being 6.5 in gale force winds!!! I thought it was going to be too windy for me but the wind eased so I rigged and headed out, there were some vicious gusts and the water was very bumpy especially in the channel. The harbour is very wide here probably close to two miles and it was good sailing across even if not sure how deep it was with the tide going out too. Sailing back was challenging in the confused chop and I was surprised to get a 23 kt mile with half a dozen over 20 kts:)

Most of the locals called it a day but one stayed and we had a chat, he said he was going to Portland tomorrow in easing winds so I might join him and hope to find some flatter water!

Mag went for a walk today as the weather was better to find a shop for some milk then made some top chicken sandwiches. I stopped for lunch then went out again sailing deep into the channel on the other side and ended up in 18” of muddy water but managed to sail away OK. I even broke 30 kts on one run for the second day running but didn’t get as good an average as yesterday. With the carpark filling up with parents picking their kids up from school I decided to call it a day. I managed to get all my kit safely on the roof and separate my mast as we headed off to Corfe Castle.

It then really rained hard, the first real downpour of the day but it had cleared by the time we parked in the lay-by for a walk around the castle. We called in at the NT information centre and got some maps before heading up the very steep hill next to the castle offering superb views of the Castle, Poole Harbour and even the Needles. We were nearly at the top when it tipped it down, horizontal rain and we had to shelter behind some bushes and didn’t get too wet! We continued to the top which was amazing then headed down to Corfe Village and there was even a rainbow over the castle:)

Corfe Village was lovely, full of stone cottages some with thatched roofs. We stopped at the big NT shop full of really expensive stuff, lucky for us we didn’t have our wallet! Back at the van we realised we were only 3 miles from Kimmeridge Bay, a well-known windsurfing wave spot so decided to take a look. It’s a small dead-end road leading to a private bay which is £5 to park but the pay hut was shut so we continued down to watch a half a dozen wave sailors enjoying the big winds and waves:)

Just up the hill we had seen another campervan parked in a small sheltered carpark overlooking the bay so went there and parked up for the night. It was nice and sunny while we had a camping special for tea, a can of chunky chicken plus whatever Mag could find in the cupboards, it was delicious:) We were joined by another VW for the night, let’s hope tomorrow brings a little less wind!

While Mag was on Facebook on her phone she learnt that Dave White had had a stroke so we would both like to wish him a full and speedy recovery!