WK Speed Warriors (Engl-NW, Great Britain) - 2012-09-14
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
41.06 [PB](D)
37.19 [PB](D)
Chris Bates
Paul Burgess
Steve Thorp
Jack Bailey
Farrel O'Shea
Mark Hayford
Pete Crook
Neil Hardwick
Simon Moore
Mark Bailey
IRL250 (546km):
3161 days ago
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I was keeping an eye on the forecasts for days and decided at the last minute to make the trip to West Kirby, leaving after i finished work at 9pm yesterday, getting up there just before 1am and then slept in the van to be ready for a dawn session as i would only have a 1-2 hours before heading back to Birmingham to start work at 12. I knew i would be kicking myself if i missed what was looking to be an epic forecast.

It was also my first session on my new Mistral Speed after taking delivery of it earlier in the week so that was my other reason for heading up as i wanted to get my new toy on the water wink

I got on the water at around 6.45 and i was stoked to find out how easy the Mistral Speed was to sail on my first run where i clocked just over 39 knots which was a new PB smiley but the best was still to come on my 4th run when i locked onto a gust at the start of the run and when i got off my board at the end of the run i was stoked to finally see that i had broken through 40 knots and got a new PB max speed of 41.22 knots smiley, as you can imagine i was pretty happy and you couldn't shift the smile off my face. 

I managed to get in another couple of runs before i had to get off the water and head back to Birmingham. Can't wait for my next trip back up there to try and get my next goal of a 40 knot 5x10 second average.

Gear Used - 2013 MIstral Speed 73, 2012 5.8m KA Koncept, 20cm KA Starboard Assy Speed Fin

Chris Bates (1827km):
3161 days ago
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I sailed from 0630 till 1130 & only got 8.6km on my tracks is because after the first couple of hours the screen went blank on my GPS so I had a look & the back had come off & water had got in. DOH !  Lost all data & it's still not working.

Anyway !   Got a spare in the car so I used that for the rest of the session.

First time out on my new MOO & loved it.

I jumped straight onit like I've been sailing it for years. It was like slipping on my old pair of slippers I've been wearing for years.

Soooooo easy to sail & glides through the death chop like it was on flat water.

On the same kind of day I would never sail so far down the wall on my W44 without spinning out or being chucked off by the chop...I never span out once or had the fear of spinning out like I did on the W44 !!!

My knees & ankles took alot less of a battering too !!!

Top board & totally made up with it !

Congratulations goes out to Alastair & Matt for losing their 40knot cherry

Now !!!        More wind please

Ohhh & ! ! !  Does anybody want to buy a shitty Starboard W44 ???