SA Gybe Turkeys (SA, Australia) - 2009-01-07
Sailor 2 Second Peak (Kts)5 x 10 Second Average (Kts)1 Hour (Kts)Alpha Racing 500m (Kts)Nautical Mile (Kts)Distance Travelled (km)
Dave M
52.68 [PB](X)
Peter Bubner
8.837 [PB](X)
14.174 [PB](X)
46.47 [PB](X)
Dave M (3969km):
5665 days ago
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Fun day out with the Team

Pete Planned most of the day in the Straps at last !! Great day for him, only up from here on.

Isonic 115, KA 6.6, Drake 34, Wind SW/S 12--18

Bubs (476km):
5660 days ago
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Another pretty reasonable day out today with the old man again. Good to get in a team post now that he wasn’t so lazy today!!! Anyway wasn’t too bad really, blew in early so decided to head straight out windsurfing rather than having a bodyboard in the morning. Probably averaged out 7 to 13 or so knots for the day so wasn’t too bad, enough to get going. So yeah when we first got there late morning it was blowing fairly well so rigged my new (second hand) Gaastra GTX 6.0m with my trusty S-type 93L and went out. Did a fairly good peak then and had a nice sail, good to try out the 6.0 GTX. Dad ended up rigging his Gaastra GTX 7.0m also with his 158L JP Freeride. When everyone started to rock up early arvo it died off a bit so I went for a bit of a cruise on dads gear and he came in for a rest. I soon came in after to rig my 6.6 Ka Koncept again (awesome sail) and it soon blew up after rigging again but stuck with that for the rest of the day which was perfect. Not most ideal conditions though. Hard work sailing, not a great direction and pretty gusty also. Anyway was still a good day out with everyone and looking forward to the next weeks worth also. Got so many ripped blisters on my hands and cuts on my feet its no funny though so hopefully I’ll hold up. Trod on a piece of glass today in the water also which was no fun ha ha. Still waiting for a really good day for speed though. Done a PB in just about every field now other than the 2 sec peak so hopefully in the next week I will. At least I’m pulling off more and more gybes also now, their coming, now it’s just practice to get them planning out lol. Dad also took some more shots which you should see a few of. Cheers Bubs

Peter Bubner (139km):
5660 days ago
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